Website design for 2021 - £495

Getting your business fit with a new website design for 2021 is something we should all be thinking about in the coming year. This is imperative because we are all aware of the importance of getting fit.


Your new website design will work with desktops, tablets and mobile phones as standard. It will be built to the latest requirements of the search engines. The website will be both search engine friendly and user-friendly.


Web Centre Plus is offering a new website designed specifically for your business. This offer comes with a year of free UK Web hosting which includes nightly backups and Free SSL.


Also included is a half-price offer from Webcastle Marketing, this is the £250 monthly plan. Of course, you can choose any plan for half price, just check out the pricing page. This will be a one-off campaign, not a regular monthly plan unless you choose this later.

Website Hosting

A new website design is not much use without a professional UK Web hosting plan with free SSL and nightly backups.


This hosting plan is included with the cost of your new website. Plus the half-price marketing plan, if required.


Having a quality web hosting account in the same country as your website is certainly a benefit, both to you and your Google rankings.

Choose your new website design and take advantage of a half price digital marketing strategy from Webcastle Marketing. This is the £250 per month marketing plan for half price, but you can choose any plan, just check out their pricing page for the plan that suits you and your business.

A regular monthly Internet marketing plan is crucial if you want to be found on Google, and stay there. We offer a monthly marketing package that can also include regular social marketing included, just ask about our complete package by contacting us here.