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cass 9 July 2022 0 Comments

Linkedin Inmail: Tips to Make the Most of Linkedin’s New Feature

Linkedin Inmail: Let’s face it, not everyone is on social media. That’s why the rise of platforms like Linkedin is so important. It provides your business with a digital hub from which you can reach potential clients and colleagues.

Although much of the content on Linkedin isn’t visible to everyone, LinkedIn’s Inmail feature will make it even more accessible than before.

If you don’t know what Inmail is, here are a few ways you could use this new feature to promote your brand.

Linkedin Inmail: The Basics

In the past, users would receive emails from the social media platform only if the sender was in their network.

Now, you can choose to receive emails from anyone who sends you an email. With this new feature, you can now create promotional emails for your business.

As the name suggests, these emails are sent via LinkedIn and are aimed at the people you are connected to. They can be used to send out information about new products, special offers, etc.

In the same way, you can send one-off emails, you can also send marketing campaigns via Inmail. This is great for sending out newsletters that may be relevant to your network and its members.

You can choose what type of content to send in your campaigns: messages with links to articles, videos, or e-books.

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Reach New Customers Through Inmail

When you want to get your product in front of new customers, you can use Inmail to promote it. Also, with this feature, you can reach your existing customers with new offers, discounts, or offers related to your business.

You can create specific types of campaigns to send out these emails. For example, you can send out emails related to a specific product or industry. Or, you can create campaigns that send emails related to a specific event or occasion.

Like any other email campaign, you can choose the content you want to include in your campaigns. You can create emails that include images, links, and more.

You can also write custom pitches for your campaigns to grab the attention of the recipients.

Use Linkedin Inmail to Build Relationships

When you use Inmail to promote your products and services, you are also building relationships with your network. LinkedIn members will either open or ignore your emails.

If they don’t see you as an interesting person or don’t agree with your content, they won’t click on your emails. By using Inmail for building relationships, you can find potential clients, partners, and collaborators.

If you are looking for a skilled writer, designer, business partner, engineer, or anyone else, you can use this feature to reach them. To find people who you don’t know too well yet, you can search for people in your network who have a similar profile to your contacts.

Then, you can message them and start a conversation. This is a great way to build relationships with potential collaborators, clients, and partners.

Don’t Forget About Your Employees

Employees are also a great target audience for Inmail campaigns. If you want to keep in touch with your team, you can use this feature to send out e-mails related to your business.

Again, you might want to send emails related to specific products or services, or you can choose to send out e-mails related to a specific event or occasion.

You can also use Inmail to promote a specific sale or offer. For example, if you have a product with a monthly subscription, you can send out emails that promote upcoming renewals.

When you want to remind your team of a specific date, you can use Inmail to do so.

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Create new content for your audience

Like other social media platforms, you can use Inmail to create new content for your followers. You can choose to write about products, services, events, and more.

This will help you stand out amongst your competitors. If you have any questions about your products or services, you can ask them in your Inmail emails.

You can also ask them for feedback on your products, services, or brand. When you want to share content related to your business, you can create your own articles, videos, or images and send them out via Inmail.

Stay Active on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great platform for networking with people in your industry. You can use Inmail to promote your brand, products, and services. You can also build relationships with your network.

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Today, more than ever, it’s important for your business to be present on social media platforms. LinkedIn is a great place to network, find potential clients, and build your business.

LinkedIn has recently rolled out a new feature that makes it even easier to connect with these people. With the help of Inmail, anyone on LinkedIn can now send you a direct message, introducing themselves and requesting a connection.

LinkedIn’s new Inmail feature makes it even easier for people to connect with your business. With this feature, it’s easier to build relationships with potential clients and colleagues.

You can also use Inmail to promote your products and services, build relationships with your network, and send out information about upcoming events and occasions.

So, don’t miss out on this new feature! And, if you’d like to learn more about how to use Linkedin’s new Inmail feature to promote your brand, download our e-book below.

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So What Is Inmail?

Inmail is the most popular email app on LinkedIn. It’s a great way to stay in touch with people you know who are connected to your network.

You can use it to send and receive messages, view your profile, take action on invitations and join groups. With Inmail, you can reach your network in one place—all of your contacts in one place.

You can also use Inmail to easily connect with people outside of LinkedIn. For example, you can find new connections by searching for them on other social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

And if you need help finding someone’s contact information, you can search for their name in their social media profiles.

You can also use Inmail to communicate with people who aren’t on LinkedIn and invite them to join the network. If a colleague or friend has an account on another service and would be interested in joining LinkedIn, you can invite them to Inmail.

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