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Web Centre Plus can provide keyword research to find the most appropriate keywords and key phrases relating to your product or service.

This research is a crucial part of any web site optimisation process, as without actually knowing what people are really typing into a search engine to find your product, or service, it really is a guessing game.

If you don't know what people are actually typing into a search engine, how can you optimise for the right keywords, and ultimately, all other optimisation techniques are really quite pointless.

Targeted Keywords

As soon as the initial keyword research is completed, we would have available the most effective targeted keywords and key phrases suitable for your website, we will then analyse this information and optimise your web pages accordingly, this whole process takes around 5 to 7 days in total to complete.

Separate Pages

All your web pages have to be optimised with their own individual title tag, description tag and keyword tag, although the keyword tag is somewhat redundant these days, it would be a mistake not to include it, but only if you know what you're doing.

Getting Listed

Once all your pages are optimised, your website would be made known to the search engines and then all we can do is sit back and play the waiting game, your site will get listed, but we have to be patient to see where your pages are listed on the search engines, how many, if not all, and also, at what positions.

Once all this is completed, we can then offer you our Internet marketing services and search engine marketing campaigns.


A campaign should be on-going as with any marketing, it's simply pointless to run anything for a month or so, there has to be a campaign, so choose your budget and stick to it, of course, the more hours you pay for per month, the faster you will see the results. Read an article about keyword research

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