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If your company website is not generating any new business then talk to us and we will provide the solution to attract more visitors.

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JUST LAUNCHED - OUR NEW Premium Marketing Service

This is our new premium service intended to achieve high search engine positions for almost any type of business website.

This package is the ultimate in website marketing and includes links from Education website's, bookmarking, articles written and published, backlinks from Wiki site's and social media marketing, all in one powerful package. This package has been tried and tested with a variety of different company website's selling all manor of products and services and it works every time.

Only suitable for larger well established online businesses.

Generate NEW business from just £75!

Internet Marketing, or website marketing does not have to be an expensive way to generate new business from your company website, and that's really what your website is all about.

Our exclusive link building service will improve your online marketing and search engine positions and draw in new interest to your company website.

If your site is floundering and lost its way, speak to us and start to make some real return from your company website, contact us today!

Website Marketing Services

These are the services used to improve your search engine rankings, which in turn, improve's your online business.

Website marketing services can include a variety of elements from backlinking, article writing and posting, social networking, video promotion, social network ads and blogging.

What Does Internet Marketing Involve

Website marketing is also known as Internet marketing, this involves optimizing your web pages for the keywords you want to be found for, we would need access to your website for this if it's hosted elsewhere.

Then we go out and add your anchor text, your backlinks, on high authority, popular, high ranking website's, building around 30 links per month per page.

We would also add your backlinks to social networks and .Edu and .Gov website's, edu and gov site's carry a lot of weight and can really boost your website's credibility online.

What is Website Marketing?

So what is website marketing? Basically, doing whatever is needed to take your website from page three or wherever it is currently listed in the search engines and moving up to the first page so when someone does a search to find your products and/or services, they actually find your company website and not your competitors.

How Can Internet Marketing Help your Business?

Internet marketing will help your business by improving it's chances of getting found high up in the search engines, but it all depends on how competitive your industry is. Marketing your website will get you on the first page, getting found when someone searches for what you sell, this usually results in more sales for your business.

If you are in a rare niche and the only company like your's in the whole county, maybe just some good optimizing will be enough.

We recently worked on a website that was on page three in Google, and after some research we found it's main competitor only had a few more links, so after a couple of months our new client was way above it's competitor. Backlinking can really make a huge difference, and sometimes in just a short space of time.

Website Marketing - Internet Marketing Solutions

If you need a Professional SEO Company who can offer you Local SEO Services no matter where you are then we can help. Our tried and tested website marketing has been benefiting businesses for 20 years.

Search engine marketing has changed quite a lot over the years and in this time; we have moved many websites up to the first page of Google for a wide variety of search terms.

Our website marketing starts at £75 per month with guaranteed results using our tried and tested exclusive backlinking and optimizing system. Like any type of marketing, it does take some time but the rewards can be great.

First Page Listing Guaranteed

How can me promise this? Simple, give the search engines what they want, the hard part is doing it right, this is what makes us different to everyone else.

Anyone can write an article, anyone can add your links to social networking sites, social bookmarking sites, web2 sites, forums etc, the key is knowing how to do this, when to do this, how often and what particular sites.

You can build thousands of links and get nowhere, it really is not about building links, it's how you build them and what type of links you build. So take your first step today and generate new business from the Internet by contacting us here, just select Search Engine Marketing and we will be in touch.

Internet Marketing since the 90s

Each single page should be optimised for one or two keywords or key phrases, no more, and the content on each page should be exactly what your visitors are looking for.

We guarantee to achieve the results, it's just a simple matter of time, and this is why you need a monthly search engine marketing campaign.

Monthly Campaigns

One of the key ingredients of website marketing is the monthly campaign.

To rank high in the search engines takes time, it won't happen overnight, just choose a monthly budget you can easily afford every month and stick to it, once your high positions are achieved we have to keep them there, it's easy to let your website slip down the rankings, but it's often harder to bring it back than it was to get it there in the first place.

We guarantee to achieve the results; but we need to maintain these positions and keep you ahead of your competition.

The Competition

While you're advancing up the search engines don't think your competitors are sitting idle by, first page listings for any type of business these days is fiercely competitive.

They will also have someone continually optimising and tweaking their website pages to insure they stay at the top ahead of you, so a constant website marketing solution is key to your success.

Content is King

Content is king, to achieve the best results your content must be fresh and original, plus it needs to instantly tell your visitors they have come to the right place.

Don't talk about everything you sell on every page, think of each page as its own unique website.

How long to get listed?

Google states that it can take up to 10 months to get your new website listed; we usually achieve this in a matter of weeks.

Your website can enjoy high positions with our search engine marketing techniques, with more than 12 years in the seo industry we are able to provide keyword research and then optimise and market your website with these keywords and key phrases; and ultimately, achieve your first page listings, and just as importantly, keep you there.

Paying Search Engine Marketing

In these difficult recessionary times, is it necessary to pay for Search Engine Marketing (SEM) for your business?

Presumably, as a business owner you have spent time, money or both to get your company up and running. If you have a bricks and mortar traditional business location, do you have a sign on the building introducing and announcing the presence of your business inside?

If your business is in an office-building, do you have your nameplate on the door to the office, or listed in the building directory? Do you do any advertising? Of course you do, so how is Search Engine Marketing any different from those things?

If you are turned off by the thought of Internet marketing, is it because it has not been successful in past? Could it possibly be you had the wrong people working on your online advertising and marketing program?

Yes, spending money on Search Engine Marketing is necessary. If for no other reason, you need to get heavily involved in professional SEM now in order to catch the Social Media Marketing wave taking place now.

Facebook marketing is like having products that sell themselves, however, marketing on Facebook and other social media websites is completely different from the "old" way of marketing, except for one thing.

Search engine marketing is vital to social media marketing just as it is for successful regular online marketing. With social media marketing, your customers do the selling for you. If you do not mind missing the boat on social media marketing, forget search engine marketing. Oh yes, you might as well take that nameplate of that door too.

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