Fast Web Hosting - One Account £100 or £9.99 Monthly

A stable and reliable business web hosting solution, relax in the knowledge that your company website is taken care of 24/7/365.

  • Subdomains
  • Domain aliases
  • Disk space MB 5000
  • Traffic 50 GB
  • Web users Unlimited
  • Databases Unlimited
  • FTP Accounts Unlimited
  • Mailboxes Unlimited
  • Mailbox quota Unlimited
  • Mail redirects Unlimited
  • Mail groups Unlimited
  • Email aliases Unlimited
  • Autoresponders Unlimited
  • Mailing lists Unlimited
  • Java applications Unlimited

FREE SSL with our Web Hosting

Move your web hosting to Web Centre Plus and you will get FREE SSL for your website, so your website address will change from http to https for free. From the 1st October 2017 Google has decided all website's should be https and without this you will lose favour with Google.

If your current web hosting is not due for renewal just yet, move to us now to get your FREE SSL and we will not charge you for web hosting until your renewal date.

Contact for more information.

Fast Reliable Business Package

Your hosting account will be set up on a same day basis and we will help you transfer your website and domain if necessary. You can pay online using your credit or debit card or your Paypal account. You can also use BACS or cheque.

We only provide web hosting to businesses and only by request, please contact us for more information.

The Best UK Hosting?

No one could claim to provide the best UK hosting could they, and we would never make this claim as various hosts offer a variety of packages and solutions that are better than others in different ways, however, we do believe we can offer a very advanced hosting solution for your business.

The datacentre we use continually wins awards for the fastest network in the UK and are also carbon neutral, not only that, we have been planting a tree for every new client since 2008.

So finding the best UK hosting will not be as easy as you might think but if you need a faster loading website, you want your site backed up every night at no extra cost, and you are looking for a reliable service then contact us here.

Why Pay a Little More For a Reliable Web Hosting Company?

As more and more businesses get on the internet, there are more web hosting companies appearing. If you have a business online, you know that web hosting is a "must have". You have to make sure that your web hosting provider is reliable.

Suppose you have a very large advertising campaign, maybe in a national magazine for example. Your advert goes out, people like what they see and visit your website only to find it has disappeared. You discover that your web hosting provider's server has failed. In the meantime, those who looked for your website found nothing and may never return because, your web hosting company failed.

This scenario does happen and this means that you need to have a web hosting provider that meets several criteria including rare downtime. They need to be capable of fixing any problem quickly.

So what do you look for and what type of hosting do you get for your website?

There are two basic types of hosting that you can consider:

1. Free web hosting or cheap

2. Paid professional business web hosting

The good points about the first web hosting option is that it is free, but the cons are that you might have to put up with their ads that will show up on your website, limited disk space, no shopping cart or other functions. This is not always something that you want to contend with, also, if there is a problem how quick will they fix it?

Paying for web hosting can be at several levels depending on the type of hosting package you need for your particular website, here at Web Centre Plus we just have the one powerful feature packed account to suit all business sizes.

However, the hosting is not the only consideration. You may need a shopping cart, special software, more disk space, video, audio or more. Depending on what you need, these may be available only at a little higher price rather than for free.

So, determine what you need for your website, then start checking out the web hosting companies. Find one that is fast and reliable with great uptime, good reviews and has affordable hosting packages.

Even if the company you find costs a little more, you will be happy that you took the time to find the best for you and your company website.

Then, when you have done all of this, make sure you return here to buy the right hosting plan for your online business.

All hosting plans come with the features below;

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