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01. Quality of Website?

Your website will be of the highest quality, as good as any website you could pay thousands for.

03. How much does a website cost?

You just pay a deposit of £99, or £149 for Ecommerce, and then £29 per month.

05. Is Internet Marketing included?

Everything is included, your Internet marketing campaign will continue until your website is on the first page of Google, then it will finish but your social media marketing plan will continue indefinitely.

07. Do i ever pay for anything else?

No. Everything is included for the complete online solution. No marketing costs, no hosting costs, and no domain renewal costs.

09. Why so cheap?

We want to help small businesses and startups, we understand how difficult it is to get a new business up and running, and we believe you will be impressed by the complete package we deliver that you will continue with us indefinitely.

02. Is it really Eco Friendly?

Our web servers are 100% carbon-neutral so yes, your website will be Eco friendly.

04. Is Social Media Marketing a one off?

Social media marketing begins once your website is live, just like your Internet marketing. Social media marketing will continue for the life of your website as it's included in your monthly payment plan.

06. Can I Update my own Website?

Yes. You will have full control over your website, it's so easy to add new pages and blog posts, we teach you, it's so simple.

08. Is a Blog Included?

Yes. We build a blog into your website, unless you tell us you won't require one. You can then add new blog posts as often as you like.

10. Is there a minimum term?

We do expect you to keep up your payments for a minimum of 18 months, giving us a fair payment back for all our work.

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