Facebook Timeline

Facebook introduces the all new timeline - Tell your life story with a new kind of profile

On the 27th of December 2011 facebook has decided to launch their new timeline feature and is not only a big change in your personal profile area it can also be a great promotional advantage.

The most impact will be gained by using the covering image and making your profile a lot more attractive.

Writing this page today it is the 21st of December and we already have quite a variety of profile images available to many different types of business.

You can see one of our live facebook profile images here;
http://www.facebook.com/webdesignhosting or just click on my profile pic in Facebook.

Below is a screenshot of what one can look like;

You can see a quick video facebook has put together here ...

Keep up with facebook changes and updates here http://developers.facebook.com/roadmap/ and here http://developers.facebook.com/blog/

Maybe you're an accountant?

We can provide your business related image, just let us know what you need.

Social Marketing

Marketing your website using social networking sites has become very popular since the launch of Facebook and Twitter, then Youtube and many others.

You can really increase your visitors dramatically using these social networking sites and the key is to constantly update with useful information, many businesses use social marketing for keeping people updated with their latest news and special offers.

Social Networking Sites

There are so many social networking sites you can add your website to but the most popular one's are;
Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin and Myspace.

There are many more and different people have their favourites but we only use these, and remember, social networking and marketing is an important part of your Internet marketing strategy.

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