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Ecommerce is a term used that describes a website which sells its products through its website. Ecommerce is changing the way people do business as more UK Businesses trade online. From cottage industries to big corporations, businesses are opening up their wares to a whole new audience on a global basis.

We hand code your own Ecommerce Solution in-house to suit your budget, whether you are a small business or large corporate client. You can get a merchant account from your bank but there is an easier way with the help of Web Centre Plus.

Ecommerce is quite easy to set up, the amount of products you have is not an issue, you can add as many as you need, the cost is only in building the actual categories.

If you have 500 products and they fall under just five categories, you only pay for us to build the initial category pages, once these are built you can just go into your admin section and start adding your products.

Ecommerce Example

Say you were selling camping equipment, you could have a category called tents, this will be a page and a link we have to build in your websites navigation structure, under tents you may have 50 different types of tent, such as ridge, apex etc.

Another category may be sleeping bags, again you could have 10 or a 100, it wouldn’t matter, just keep adding as many sleeping bags as you want.

Merchant Accounts

We can set up any merchant account on your own web site on a same day basis using the globally accepted services of PayPal. There are others available but we recommend and use World pay and PayPal. We have the knowledge and expertise in doing this and have also built in HSBC and Barclays merchant accounts for ecommerce websites.

Worldpay and Paypal Ecommerce solutions. Worldpay is our favoured ecommerce system and is used by our domain registration site 888reg.

Additional Features

There are many additional options we can build into your ecommerce website, such as the Upsell feature, the wish list and the discount coupon.

The discount coupon is a great way to bring in more sales, you can email your customers with a discount coupon that you set in your admin section, this will give them a discount on their next purchase, encouraging them to return and buy again.

A member's area is good for getting people to sign up to your website so you can email them your latest news and updates including special offers.

The wish list is a great little feature, entice customers to sign up to your members area then if they see something they like, but don't want to buy now, they can add it to their wish list then every time they login, they can see these products and maybe buy.

The Up sell is ideal to offer people who choose to buy a particular product, once its added to their shopping cart, the Up sell products show saying, people who were interested in this product were also interested in these, just like Amazon, again, encouraging them to buy more products from you.

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If you would like to sign up to World Pay for your online payment system, you can visit them here.

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