ARTICLES - Web site Design and the Pretty Package

Don't be fooled by a pretty package; this phrase has fooled many a small business and your new web site will probably never generate any business simply because of the way it was constructed.

Its simply not good enough anymore to have the most amazing looking "all bells and whistles" web design if its built by an amateur.

Choosing the right web design company to go with is a difficult decision to make due to the amount of competition today, if your happy with the style of work they produce, ask them if they can provide search engine marketing and what guarantees they can give of your web sites success.

There are many very good web site designers out there, you see what they can do, you like their style and you want them to build your new company web site, and rightly so. However, do remember, just because it looks good and impresses everyone you show it to, doesn't mean it will ever bring in the business.

Many web site designers will use an off the shelf software program, such as Microsoft Front Page, while others will choose the most popular, macromedia (adobe) Dreamweaver. The more popular these days is the adobe studio version, this gives you Dreamweaver, fireworks and flash etc. all in one package, the only problem with these is the fact that the code is not as clean as developing a web site using notepad; although these days this particular brand of web site design software is getting better with every new version released, as is the same with the other brands.

The code in your pages are very important to your search engine results, simply because there is less rubbish within the code, its much cleaner and therefore will load a little faster and will conform to the current web standards.

This is actually not always possible due to your customer’s requirements, you know, the ones that want this silly thing to happen here and there, with these people, you can only advise.

So do remember, the pretty package is not always the right direction, you will realise this after a year as your still not listed within the first ten pages of any search engine, what happens then, you will need to have it re-built and coded correctly, optimised and marketed.

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