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We believe this research is absolutely critical for your search engine marketing campaign as it will provide information not available anywhere else.

Without any keyword research into what people actually type in to find your products and services, it really is a guessing game.

Ok, so you want to be found under the search term "domains", or "hosting", for example, how many web sites are competing for these search terms i wonder.


It will take a considerable amount of time and one large budget to achieve a first page position with these words.

With keyword or key phrase research we can find other words that are just as useful but much easier to optimise for and so costing less in terms of time spent achieving your search engine results.

As an example, consider an alternative phrase such as "low cost domain names" or "fast web hosting " these are both searched terms and well worth optimising for with less competing web sites.

If you were a finance company you would most likely want to be found on the first page of the search engines for the keyword "loans", this is of course possible but imagine the amount of time that would have to go into achieving this, plus the cost of paying a search engine marketing company to do this for you, would it actually pay off?

An easier solution is if you only wanted to be found in your local area, for example, plumber in Cardiff, or carpet fitter in Kettering, this wouldn't need any research as this is quite obvious, just think about it, if you lived in Wellingborough and you were looking for an electrician, you wouldn't type into a search engine the keyword; electrician, you would most likely type in; electrician in Wellingborough.


What would be the point in finding an electrician in Wales if you live in the Norfolk or Gateshead area, so you would search locally.

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