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Most everyone has heard the term “Meta Tags”, these are the important parts of any search engine marketing campaign and sit hidden in the background code of a website.

The importance of these simply cannot be stressed enough, and if done correctly, can make a huge difference between getting many visitors to your website or none at all.

Meta tags look like this: (just an example)
<title>Quality Wooden bar stools at discount prices</title>
<meta name="description" CONTENT="We sell custom build wooden bar stools for home or business use">
<meta name="keywords" CONTENT="wooden bar stools, discount prices, custom, home, business">

(Please note, this is not exactly how we would populate the Meta tags for this product.

For some time now the use of the keyword meta tag has been made redundant, mainly due to abuse.

Years ago you could put various keywords into this tag to gain higher listings, attracting visitors to your site that really wouldnt be interested in what your selling, although it did pay off for certain types of websites.

Remember this, the Meta tags have to contain words that are used within your actual page, never use keywords that are not relevant.

Some say that the keyword tag is no longer of any value, and hasn’t been for some time, well, we always use them for two reasons, firstly, many search engine still look for the keyword tag, and secondly, if done correctly, they can make a difference to your position within search engine pages.

Meta tags are not the only part of your Internet marketing success; there are the links to consider and the keyword research.

Happy optimising!

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