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Search engine marketing or Internet marketing is something that must be considered if you are serious about getting your website found.

You have a wonderful website built by your web design company with your products and services for sale. To get people to find your site it has to be found on the major search engines, without a good position you will simply miss sales.

If you choose the right company for your search engine marketing campaign you should be well on your way to success.

An Internet marketing campaign will begin with the research of your important keywords and key phrases, and each page optimised (optimized), by writing the correct Meta tags and entering your keywords and key phrases in the right places in your web pages that do of course, contain good quality original content.

The website should also have a blog where you can add your latest news and updates about your products or services and a links page where you can add links to other websites that link to you, ideally, you should write a little information, about 2 or 3 lines on your home page with a link to your blog for the full story, this will keep your home page updated too.

There are many more ways to achieve a good listing but this is the most crucial in getting to where you want to be, a good position within the first few pages of the search engines.

Remember to have your website address everywhere from business cards to letterheads and your van or car; depending on the type of website and the products or services you sell, it may be worth joining some local business clubs and chamber of commerce.

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