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So what is Ecommerce, it really is seen in some parts as a grand title, "We are going ecommerce", basically, if you sell anything from your website, you have an ecommerce website.

An ecommerce website can be as simple as a few web pages with pictures and a little descriptive text and a "buy now" button all linked up to Paypal, a few tutorials about Paypal on our support section.

So trading on the Internet is the way many companies are going these days, opening up their products and services to a whole new audience across the web, even selling to new and exciting parts of the World they would otherwise be unable to contact.

Over the years we have developed an excellent ecommerce solution, its a feature packed solution to take care of all your ecommerce website needs.

Some of the features include the Up sell, just like Amazon, when a customer gets to the point of sale, other products will be shown that would compliment their current order.

Say for example you sold men's clothing, if someone visited your ecommerce website and chose to buy a shirt, at the point of sale it would say; you may also be interested in these products too, and you would have a matching jacket and trousers giving them the opportunity to buy more without being too pushy.

Other features are the discount coupon that you can email out to your customers giving them 10% off their next purchase, or any amount you want to give.

Also there is the gift wrapping service and the wish list feature but the best part is that you can add unlimited products and have unlimited pages.

There are many web designers out there offering ecommerce solutions to you but please be aware, many of these are "off the shelf" products and are fine for the average website and customer, but if your really serious about your business and have some credibility, try to find a web company that can build an ecommerce website to your specific needs.

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