ARTICLES - What is CMS and what does it do?

CMS or Content Management System is something that is programmed into your website so you can update your own website yourself.

When we begin a new web design, we always ask if you require a CMS building into your site, not everyone does as many companies would rather email us any updates for their website and we would do this for them.

Others would rather have the ability to update their own site using a CMS, or content management system as and when they want to, this does give a lot of flexibility and control over your site.

We always ask this question; Simply because it is so much easier to include the content management system in the beginning of the site build rather than adding it on to a site at a later date.

In recent years the CMS has become more and more popular as the need for a quick update is a growing concern for some companies and also the feeling of being in control of your own website.

There are many “off the shelf” content management systems on the market today, such as joomla, for example, some are open source and some you have to buy.

These are used by some web design companies but we build our own into your websites, this way we know how it works, its individually designed for your specific needs and is unlikely to cause any problems in the future.

Our content management system will give you the ability to not only update and edit text on any of your pages, but will also include the facility to browse your own computer and upload images.

We hope to record a video soon to show how easy it is to use our content management system; this will be added to our video tutorials section.

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