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FREE QR Code Software


Welcome to our FREE QR code generator software, yes, totally free when you join the British Business Blog. this also comes with top quality free UK Business hosting.

QR Codes are very popular with a wide range of different businesses and to have your own software so you can create a QR Code anytime you fancy has to be a good thing, and even better if it’s free.

All you need to do is click this link and join: Add my Listing. We will then send you your software

Once it’s downloaded, just open the folder and unzip, then double click the quickqr icon and it will load, you will then need to click the link to request a License key, make sure when you request the license key you use the same email address to activate the software.

Here is a short video on how to download, open, activate and use your free QR Code generator software.

One of the best uses are the website address, this could be your twitter or facebook etc or maybe a new product launch or special one off discount for those who use the QR code going to a special page.

Here a some sample qr codes created by this FREE software you can scan with your smart phone.


Title: 25 Ways to Use QR Codes
Owner: ThinkTankTuesday

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