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Business Web Hosting



A good web hosting package is critical to a businesses success, why? Well imagine if you have any problems with your website, or your emails are not getting through, is there someone there who can help you, is your hosting provider able to fix any issues in a timely manner?

The truth is, when you have your website built by your local web design agency they will no doubt supply you with a web hosting solution from any number of providers out there, usually one that is cheap, so eventually, you will find out to your cost why they were cheap.

Most web designers will buy what we call a Reseller Hosting plan, we know this because we used to sell them, basically they are buying wholesale for a monthly fee then selling it on to you for a profit, there is nothing wrong with this at all but with us you are buying direct from us, not through a 3rd party.

Our servers are based in the UK, at the UKFast data centre in Manchester, your hosting comes with full support for your website and emails and the servers are totally managed 24/7 with a technical support team on the phone, day or night.

So what makes our business hosting a preferred choice? Well just check out UKFast and see for yourself who else chooses them over all others, such names as the NHS, Gecko, UKTV, Kellogg’s and many more brand names.

Another important factor is the location of your hosting, its common knowledge that the search engines give a little preference to, for example, a .co.uk website hosted in the UK, so where is your hosting based? Do you know? It could be in Germany, USA or Canada.

I do find it strange that a business will spend thousands on a new company website but is reluctant to spend hardly anything at all on their web hosting, but will then go home after a hard days work and spend £60 per month on their TV package?

Our hosting starts at £90 per year or £9 per month and for that you probably won’t need anything else, ever. Contact us today to talk about your online future success.