Web Page Content



Never underestimate the importance of keeping it simple.

Web page content has always been a focus for many business owners and web designers alike, what to write on your web pages.

You really wouldn’t think it was that difficult but it can be if you let it, for example, I had a meeting with a company last year about a new web design, they only had a few products but they were insisting the content of their web pages had to over complicate the product in its description.

I did struggle a little to convince them that people need to land on your site and immediately understand what you are about and what you sell. People just don’t want to try and figure this out for themselves.

Keep it clean and simple was my argument, eventually they understood this and were happy.

It is a fact however that this goes on all the time and personally, I am not impressed with how complicated a description of anything on a website is, I simply want to arrive at a site, see what they are selling and make my decision from there. I don’t think Hey, these guys sound intelligent, I will buy from them immediately.

I want a web design that is idiot proof, well, that’s me personally, but I like to find a site that offers what I am looking for and straight away understand what they sell and be able to easily navigate around the site.

It’s like everything else isn’t it, there’s a hard way to do it and an easy way, why make anything more difficult than it really has to be.

I can’t imagine anyone enjoying having to carefully read through a web page and then having to stop and think about it and try to make sense of it.

Why use 10 words to describe something if you can use 5.

People want readable/understandable content, write for the of the reader, not the search engines.

Write for the 10 year old, not the genius.