Prince George Domain



Well, it seems that cyber squatting has reached the new prince, apparently, domains containing George increased by more than 100% since they announced the name George to the public.

Other words included in the domains that were registered from July the 22nd to the 25th were HRH, royal and baby.

So what exactly is cyber squatting? Basically its someone who will register a domain name that has nothing to do with them or their business but feels it may be worth some real value later on, and of course, for an extortionate amount of money.

Just think about how frustrating it would be if you couldnt use your own domain name because someone has already registered it and is not even using it, just sitting on it and renewing it every year, Grrr!

Often people are lured into websites that look like a well known brand or company only to find its a fake, these domains are also used for malicious intent and also what is known as phishing too

There are ways to combat this problem, like buying up similar names yourself for your business, plus all the extensions but this could get expensive, it really depends if you have a brand name.

As for Prince George, well this is of course a business investment for someone, for example, one of the domains that was registered after the announcement of his name has actually increased in price by £10,000, a nice little earner i wager.