What Makes a Good Website

So what does make a good website? Who knows!

Well actually, there are some who say they know. The fact is, people’s view points change over time and it seems that every year a new idea of what makes a good web design is being talked about if you know where to look.

Thing is, everyone has their own idea on what makes a good website, and every customer has their own idea on how their new website should look, so if you provide web design services then it’s your job to guide them.

One thing that all of us have noticed is the growing popularity of video, and i think this will only get more popular too, so is having a video on your website a good thing? Yes i believe it is, will this generate more business through my website? Possibly.

Thing is, there is no one thing you can do to increase the popularity of your company website, all that can be done, must be done, and having a good video on your website’s home page can really help to get your message across.

Another bonus of having a video on your website is that you can demonstrate your products and/or services, and people will actually stop and watch your video if it’s interesting to them, and this helps you with Google, why? Because there is something called bounce rate, this is where a visitor arrives at your website, has a quick look and leaves, Google picks up on this, bounce rate, but when they have a video to watch, they stay longer, so people staying longer on your website can help you in the search results, a little.

One thing about bounce rate, yes it’s great to keep people on your website for as long as possible but having them follow a link and go to another page is a bonus, so try to keep them on your home page and show them an interesting link, say to a special discount or offer you may have.

Imagine this for example, someone has a knitting pattern of a hat, on their website there is a pattern you can follow and also a video you can follow step by step, how popular do you think that website is to people who knit?

Another good way to keep people on your website is to show a video demonstration about something that you offer, and let them know at the end of the video there will be a special discount just for them, this works really well, see above about getting them to click to another page.

What Factors Contribute To That Good Website?
What constitutes a good or a bad website? There are so many different features that can combine to make a significant website but if incorrectly put together, are less than satisfactory. Of course, many features of what are considered to be good are purely an opinion based on appearance, graphics, and ease of use.

As people we are all different and tastes vary so much, what one person finds appealing, another will find repellent. On the other hand, if we all liked the same thing, life would be very dull indeed. Don’t forget that appearance is only one facet of what makes a good website. Of course, a visually pleasing site is always going to attract more attention than one that’s not so pleasing.

The below information will help guide you to make a perfect website for your online business.

  1. Why do you need a good website?
    What is the purpose of building a website? It’s one thing you should ask yourself before you even begin building it. How do you want to benefit from your website? When you have answered this, you can set your objectives and how you can give your site’s visitors what they want. You’re required to think about the content. Remember to keep your content current and also ensure that it’s pertinent to your business.

  2. Appearance:
    The appearance and colour scheme are fundamental to encouraging visitors to remain on the site. Apparently, there’s a psychology to colour, and an excellent website designer can use and combine colour to make a statement about your business. A smart designer will ensure that the colour and design isn’t too complicated or confusing and that the design used reflects your business services or products.

  3. How To Use:
    One of the primary criteria for a good website is that it’s easy to use. It should be easy to navigate around the site, and no more than four clicks should be made to go to a particular page, and as a general rule, two clicks or less should take you to any page on the site. If the navigation on your website is complicated, visitors will get frustrated and leave quickly.

  4. Content:
    The core structure isn’t seen but is the foundation for creating a good website. The base programming and coding will build the foundations of your site, and this needs to be done correctly for the site to work properly. A well-constructed website should be accessible from all browsers, differing screen sizes and should work with different operating systems including those of mobile devices. You could lose large numbers of potential customers if your website isn’t compatible with the most popular systems and the mobile market is increasing fast so if you haven’t geared for it, you could be missing out in a big way.

  5. Transfer speed:
    Make sure your ISP and web hosting has outstanding uptime and is capable of fast transfer speeds. Remember that people will not wait if your site doesn’t load quickly, would you? With competition so hot, you do need to make the most of whatever advantage you can to keep up or stay ahead of your competitors.