How Social Is Your Business?

Its been popular for some time now, social marketing using Facebook and Twitter and many others but how many people are really taking it serious, the fact is, if you don’t do it often, you really need to think about starting, so that’s the question, how social is your business?

Well, our new system is working really well, I am using it now, what it does is, we build a blog site within your current website and every time you update your blog it populates your home page, your Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and many more social networking sites, all from one blog update, how cool is that?

This is a great set up and businesses love it, not only because they don’t have to log in to endless social networking sites to do an update, it keeps your current website regularly updated too.

Imagine how you are working now, you update your business website, you update your blog, then your linkedin, then your facebook, then your twitter, and it goes on, and let’s face it, who really has the time to do that these days anyway, certainly not me that’s for sure.

Google and the other search engines are looking at your social profile more and mroe these days and if you are not adding regular updates to both your website AND your social networking sites then they will not favour you over others that do, its as simple as that.

So get in touch today and move with the times, nobody like’s to be left behind do they, and you can certainly benefit your business.

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Title: Social networking sites have educational benefits
Owner: University of Minnesota