Google Hummingbird Algorithm



Have you heard about the new Google Hummingbird algorithm?

Well, there really isn’t very much information in the way of actual facts that give any of us any real understanding of what its all about, just a load of theory and speculation, but that really is the norm isn’t it.

We don’t have the answers either so wont try and pretend we do.

Apparently its Google’s solution for evolving from text links to answers. It claims that this system is based on semantic technology focused on user intent rather than on search terms and will display more precise results faster and Google say the change had to happen.

It appears people are more likely these days to enter long questions into Google’s search box instead of the old keyword search, and to tell you the truth, we have seen this grow ourselves over the past year or so.

So with people entering questions, Google of course wants to provide the answers as quick and as relevant as possible so searchers stay on Google and not go anywhere else.

Maybe the old way is no longer enough, you know, good quality back links and fresh original regular content.

Ever heard of rich snippets? Google supports these and they are used for reviews, business, organisations (organizations) and people, recipes, music and events etc.

Here is an idea of one; say for example you have a website that displays recipes, a rich snippet would be a picture of the finished meal, how long it takes to prepare the meal,
and maybe a rating or customer review.

This would encourage people to click on your page if they type into Google’s search “How to prepare and cook a lasagna” and your page was optimised (optimized) for that search term, you see, a keyword search has turned into a long phrased question, and maybe you have the answer to it

You only have to start typing into Google and it will start to populate your search for you, give it a try, type this in; how do i prepare la and you will see a drop down of lasagna, lamb chops, lamb, langoustines and the list goes on, just have a play.

So do your web pages offer rich snippets?