Beware The Clever Salesperson


Yes, the clever salesperson, we have all met them at some point in our lives, from the door to door sales person to the car sales or insurance rep, on the whole they are a decent bunch but you have to be aware of the small minority that falls into the category of the unscrupulous salesperson.

What interests me, and many other businesses, is the web design agencies who promise you the earth but once you have received your shiny new website and paid your money, they don’t want to know.

We have heard this so many times, in fact, we have actually had five Lincolnshire Businesses contact us this year asking if we would take over their websites due to lack of support, the sad fact is though, we could only allow one of these websites onto our web hosting servers as the other website’s would need completely rebuilding, mostly because they were poorly built using free scripts downloaded from the Internet.

We took over a website last year and the company had waited more than ten months for an extra page to be added, it took us two days? How hard can it be? How did they end up using a company like this is the first place? The sneaky salesperson.

The truth is, so many web agencies really do not have the backing, the right people with the right skills in place, but they have the clever salesperson, they know exactly what to say and lure you into their confidence, you believe them and trust them so you sign up with a smile on your face.

Like any business, you employ the services of a builder to extend your workshop for example, or an IT company to come and fix your computers, and a web design firm to create and establish your online presence, and you have to trust these people, isn’t it sad when it all goes wrong, just because you trusted the clever salesperson.

What you have to do when considering a new company website is; can they deliver, ask if you can speak to their current clients and ask them are they happy with the service they receive.

Phone around for a few quotes and compare these, ask where your website will be hosted, it should be in the UK, how fast is their support if something goes wrong.

So next time you are contacted by a web design firm or indeed, any type of sales person, I hope you may ask as many questions as possible and get them to prove to you why you should spend your money with them, what are the benefits?