B2B Business Leads



A question about business leads, are email addresses so important?

We are able to provide fresh B2B Business leads and by fresh we mean we are getting them straight from business websites within 24 hours of you ordering them.

This is new to us and we are really not sure how important emails are as all other details can be collected including phone numbers of course but sometimes its hard to get an email address as some websites hide these or simply do not advertise them on their website.

I would say myself that a phone number is much better anyway as an email can easily, and usually is, just deleted, but if you have the company name, telephone number and address you can write to them and also call them and speak to the person directly, also, you can then ask for permission to email them as well.

I do believe, but I could be wrong of course, but people who use this kind of data usually phone first and ask for the persons name who they can address their promotional package to, then send it out, wait for a few days and then call them up and ask to speak to the person directly, as of course you now have their name, you have sent them some information addressed to them so at least you have a genuine reason to be calling.

I may be wrong but I think this is how it all works?

Is going out to business networking events as useful as some may think? Personally, I have done quite a bit of that over the years but not in the past year or so, mainly because of the lack of business generated for the time and effort put in, yes it does work but buying leads is much easier, certainly better than traveling 50 miles and maybe only meeting a hand full of people face to face who are only interested in selling you what they have to offer.

So, if you are looking for fresh Business leads then get in touch, we will even give you an extra 20% FREE!