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How to connect your domain to a a Web Hosting on Siteground

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These are the best drag and drop website builder. No need to learn code to make your own website. Create responsive website without coding using these Top 5 website builder, Fully drag and drop!

Top 5
5. Themify builder
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LIVE Coding: Buat Website dg CodeIgniter 14 – Menggunakan Template Pada Front End

LIVE Coding: Membuat Website dengan Framework CodeIgniter, yuk ngoding.
TOPIK: Menggunakan Template (basis Bootstrap 4) Pada Front End

Source Code :

Template yang digunakan:

Full Playlist :

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1.8: GitHub Pages – Git and GitHub for Poets

In part 8 of the Git and GitHub for Poets series, I show you how to use GitHub Pages as free web hosting.

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GitHub Repo for user Rainbow Coder:

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How to Build a Responsive Website without Coding – Creating the Navbar and Hero Section (p02)

with just 0.5 hour of videos, you will be able to make your own website without any pre existing knowledge required.
you will use one of the FREE responsive template available online (i will show you how to get one)… Continue reading

Zero cost website hosting with PHP, MySQL, Cpanel & no ads!

in this video i will show you how to host your website 100% free with no credit card ask,Zero cost website hosting with PHP, MySQL, Cpanel & no ads! , and it’s available for lifetime ,
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GoDaddy Web Hosting Offers Superior Performance and Reliability

Fast, affordable and easy-to-use, GoDaddy Web Hosting is advanced without being complicated, making it the perfect choice for everyone:

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Build A Curation Website Without Coding In 30 Minutes Using Carrd (

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This is a video that takes you step-by-step through how I built a curation website for resources (or resources stash) for the best marketplace content online and resources. I’ll show you how I did… Continue reading

How to make a website part 1: coding and testing code on your computer

For coding: a text editor is an obligation, I use Brackets mostly, but Sublime Text or Notepad++ are also very good.

For testing code: You need a browser to look at web pages in HTML. I use Google Chrome,… Continue reading

How To Code Your Own Website In HTML.

Hey, This is my very first video no youtube, so please be nice.
Recorded with CamtasiaStudio 6 using Notepad.
I learned from

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