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How Much Does an eCommerce Website Cost? (Breakdown)

An eCommerce website can cost you, but trust that a high quality website will contribute tenfold to your online store’s success. When creating an eCommerce website, there are many cost factors that must be considered – design, programming, customizations and… Continue reading

Website Design, Development & Marketing Process – eSparkBiz – This is the website design, development and marketing process at the full-service web agency, eSparkBiz

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How to Create A Free Website – with Free domain + hosting – with – wordpress website developer

In This video i will shows you a Super-Fast way to Create your WordPress Website with Free domain name and Free hosting. This video for those who want to start their small business or initially they just want to experiment… Continue reading

Why I don’t host my websites in the cloud

DevMountain Coding Bootcamp


In this video we will look at the top 10 server side frameworks in 2019.

Some of my other work…


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Fitness Website Speed Coding

Time Taken: Just under 1 hour (Could’ve been faster without distractions -.-)

Design by Template Monster (Free Template)

Music is Bastion OST (Sorry the the music is buggy at the end of each track, never done this before… Continue reading

Understanding Hotel Website Marketing HD

As internet grow rapidly each day, the needs of hotels to market themself through website is also increased. To be able to compete and win the competition, each hotel must be able to compute and formulate marketing strategies through websites.… Continue reading

Website Marketing Tips eWorkshop – Talking Website Hosting Challenges – Free Website Marketing Tips – Digital Marketing Made Easy for You – Watch this Video ↓↓↓↓↓↓ CLICK TO SEE MORE ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓

Watch the Website Marketing Strategy TechTALK episode where we give advice on how to overcome some Hosting… Continue reading


Launching a new business website on a small budget? I will teach you 5 of my tricks to help promote your small business website at a low cost, with my high-impact methods.

Tips to Promote your New Website:

1. Print… Continue reading

Websites 101 | 888-996-9697 | Website Marketing

Websites 101

Hi, this is Marcia Hawkins of Video Broadcast Services.

Having an up to date website, fully optimized, rich with content and one that will convert visitors into customers, patients or clients should be your first priority for… Continue reading

MLM (multi level marketing) website using php part 1 – Introduction
MLM is a multi level marketing business.This MLM website is based on binary plan. Where one user join people to his both side that is left and right. In this tutorial you will learn how to create a simple… Continue reading