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web development in hindi

How to Get Free Domain Name and Web Hosting (Live Example with Website Upload)

Tutorial in Language : English
In this tutorial you will come to know that how to get free web hosting and domain name for your website.
Solution of “Could not connect to server” problem on Filezilla.
Headphones… Continue reading

Design web template in photoshop – web Designing In Hindi – part 4

Web Designing in Hindi- Start Website Design In Photoshop – part 3
by :
Once you are ready with web-site prototype, you are ready to design your website on photoshop. Prototype will help you to built a precise… Continue reading

Web Design Pototyping – Web Designing in Hindi

Web Designing in Hindi- Web Design Pototyping – part 3
by :
Web design prototype is a stage wehre we build a bone structure of a website. prototype can be build using a pen paper or other digital… Continue reading

Web Design Analysis and Breakdown – Web Designing in hindi

Web Designing in hindi- Web Design Analysis and Breakdown – part 2
by :
Before we Start building a web template design in an unknown world, it is very important that you learn to analyse how and why… Continue reading