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the coding train

Build a Full Stack Twitter Clone with Coding Garden

CJ is an Educator, Full Stack Developer and Maker. He streams himself live coding tutorials and walk throughs about Full Stack Web Development and other related tech on the YouTube channel Coding Garden with CJ.

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Coding Challenge #136.1: Polar Perlin Noise Loops

In this challenge, I follow the path of a circle in 2D Perlin noise space in order to use noise values that loop. #PerlinNoiseLoop


πŸ”— Γ‰tienne Jacob’s tweet:
πŸ”— Γ‰tienne Jacob’s Blog Post:

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Coding Challenge #96: Visualizing the Digits of Pi

In this second Pi Day coding challenge, I attempt to “visualize” the digits of Pi. #PiTrain

πŸ”— Washington Post Article:
πŸ”— Pi artwork:
πŸ”— 1 Billion Digits of Pi:
πŸ”— Million Pi Digits:
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3.2: Linear Regression with Ordinary Least Squares Part 1 – Intelligence and Learning

In this video, part of my series on “Machine Learning”, I explain how to perform Linear Regression for a 2D dataset using the Ordinary Least Squares method. In Part 2, I demonstrate how to code the algorithm in JavaScript, using… Continue reading

Coding Challenge #111: Animated Sprites

In this coding challenge, I load a sprite sheet and create multiple animated sprites with the p5.js library. #animation #spritesheet #p5js #codingchallenge


πŸ”— Horse Sprite Sheet:
πŸ”— Sprite (computer graphics):

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Coding Challenge #114: Bubble Sort Visualization

In this coding challenge, I visualize a “bubble sort” algorithm in Processing (Java). #SortingTrain

(Correction: At 3:53 I incorrectly state that N’s growth is exponential, I should have said “quadratic” or “polynomial”.)

πŸ”— Visualizing Algorithms:

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Coding Challenge #67: Pong!

In this challenge, I attempt (emphasis on the word “attempt”) to program the classic video game Pong in Processing (Java).

This also marks the return of the timer to help me keep track of time! Now I remember why I… Continue reading

Coding Challenge #98.1: Quadtree – Part 1

In this coding challenge, I implement a Quadtree data structure in JavaScript and visualize it with p5.js.

πŸŽ₯ Part 2:
πŸŽ₯ Part 3:

πŸ”— Quadtree on Wikipedia:

πŸŽ₯ Binary Tree Coding Challenge:

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Coding Challenge #93: Double Pendulum

In this coding challenge, I simulate a “double pendulum” in Processing (Java).

πŸ”— Physics Lab Double Pendulum:

πŸŽ₯ Single pendulum video:

πŸš‚ The Coding Train website:
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