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Course Teaser – Web Design For Beginners: Real World Coding In HTML, CSS, JS, BOOTSTRAP

Do you wanna be a perfect and skillful freelancer? If yes, then definitely this course for you! This is the package of Project base Learning Of Responsive Web Design using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap 4, jQuery. The course is created for… Continue reading

LIVE CODING – Golang Web Server, Templates, & Cookie UUID
How to build a website using the Go programming language. Includes using templates and setting a cookie with a UUID

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100% Elementor Web Design Speed Art – Plus New Restaurant Template Set

In this video, we design a complete restaurant page using Elementor’s new Form features:

This homepage features two of the new form fields recently added to Elementor, the time and date fields. These fields let you create customer reservation… Continue reading

Xara Web Designer 12 Premium 64 bit

Xara Web Designer Premium 64 bit
Xara Web Designer Premium 32 bit

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