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responsive web design

Coding Dojo Academy: Responsive Web Design

Join Speros and Sean as they teach you how to create a responsive web page!

The number of people interacting with websites on their mobile is growing. Make use of Responsive design to reach desktop or mobile users and boost… Continue reading

The box model for beginners web design tutorial

The box model describes how layout works on the web. Unlike other design environments (like Photoshop or Sketch) that allow you to position elements anywhere in a given document, the web places elements in boxes that you control the positioning… Continue reading

Hamburger menu in the responsive navigation bar – Web design tutorial

The menu button is an element inside the navbar that organizes the nav links when there is limited horizontal space, like on a mobile device. It’s sometimes referred to as the “hamburger menu.”

The menu button and its functionality are… Continue reading

Centering elements with flexbox – Web design tutorial

Centering elements vertically used to be a challenge in web design, until flexbox arrived on the scene. With flexbox it’s easy to center any element(s) vertically in its parent element. In this video, we’ll show you how to use flexbox… Continue reading

Advanced button styling – Web design tutorial

In this video, we’ll explore four examples of more advanced button styling techniques to help you achieve just the look you’re looking for. We’ll cover:

1. Aligning multiple buttons
2. Applying transparent backgrounds to buttons
3. Using the hover state… Continue reading

The dos and don’ts of image resolution – Web design tutorial

Image resolution simply refers to the level of detail captured in an image. Sounds fairly simple, but in practice, managing image resolution can get pretty confusing. That’s why, in this video, we’ll define image resolution, sizing images for your websites,… Continue reading

Headings – Web design tutorial

Headings constitute one of the most powerful content elements on the web, since they can both influence SEO and provide structure to your content that helps readers better understand and engage with it. In this video, we’ll explore:

1. Adding,… Continue reading

Building a web form – Web design tutorial

Forms are one of the most powerful tools any website can feature, whether you’re gathering email newsletter signups or work inquiries from potential clients. In this video, we’ll introduce you to the basics of using forms in Webflow, including:

1.… Continue reading

Using symbols for faster web design – Webflow tutorial

Symbols turn any element and its children into a reusable component. Any changes made to an instance of a symbol will update all instances of that symbol across your project. This is especially useful for recurring elements like navbars, footers,… Continue reading

3D web design for beginners – Webflow CSS tutorial

With the vast majority of the web existing squarely in two dimensions, expanding your design practice into 3D can take some time to wrap your head around. In this video, we’ll explain some of the basic concepts behind working with… Continue reading