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121. I Redesigned a Website to Practise HTML & CSS

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CSS/HTML – Coding your Website Layout (Part 3)

Learn how to correctly align your CSS div’s using Cascading Style Sheets and Hypertext Mark-up Language (HTML). Part 2 can be found here

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Photoshop – Opacity, Units, Language Input – Part – 26 – Web Design Series Hindi

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Hello guys,

In this video i am going to go through this basic options of opacity, units and language input this options are simple yet… Continue reading

Web design workshop with Figma

Get started ▶ · Welcome to a workshop of Material Website Toolkit dedicated to showing a use case for this Figma design asset. You will learn how to build web page layouts with pre-designed blocks and customize it with… Continue reading

Мини-курс «Web Design». Урок 1-1. Прототип сайта

Узнать подробности и записаться на полный курс можно тут:

В этом уроке мы разберёмся, как подготовить прототип и текст для создания сайта. Настроим сетку и подберём шрифты.

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Больше контента… Continue reading

5 New Web Design/UI Trends for 2019


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1. Flat design is going material
In design industry we will se more people going with from flat to material design and I’m not referring only… Continue reading

Web Design – Speed Art 5 – Template in Elementor

hey guys, i’m bacccckkkk What’s up? 🙂
Today we create Coffee-Shop , i show some simple but cool tricks in photoshop and sure we play with elementor , i hope you will like it , and don’t forget click like… Continue reading

Web Design Speed Art #5 – Travel website [Adobe XD]

In this SpeedArt, we’re going to make a Travel website in Adobe Experience Design.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –… Continue reading

Web Design – Speed Art 4 – Template in Elementor

hey guys, long time i not publish videos , but this day is come 🙂 Today we start using elementor-blocks .. and i show how you can working with this and again not traditional theme, today we create concept ufc… Continue reading