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What Programming Language Should I Learn First?

What programming language to learn first? Watch this video to find out.

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Introduction to Progate ( Website for coding )


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This video is a quick tutorial on how to use . I’ve used progate on and off for about 2 years now and… Continue reading

5 Problem Solving Tips for Cracking Coding Interview Questions

Here are 5 of my favorite problem-solving techniques for solving any coding interview problem!

For improving your problem-solving skills, as I mentioned in the video, I recommend the following two pieces of resources:
– 11 Essential Coding Interview Questions (my… Continue reading

Building Modern Web Apps in Java (with Live Coding)

In this presentation, we’ll build a reactive chat application with an open source Java stack: Spring Boot, Project Reactor, and Vaadin.

The newly released Vaadin 10 is a next-generation web framework for the JVM. Vaadin boosts developer productivity with an… Continue reading

Store Management Website in JSP MYSQL | OPEN SOURCE CODE
Source Code :-
Store Management Project Website in jsp & mysql
Mini Project

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Make QR codes with the QRserver API

A simple tutorial.

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SOAP Web Services 01 – Introduction To Web Services

Welcome to this tutorial course on SOAP web services in Java. We’ll start with an introduction to web services. We’ll understand what they are and how they are useful.


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How to Set Up Java Development in Visual Studio Code on Windows | vsCode Java Development Basics

In this video I am going to show How to Set Up Python Development environment in Visual Studio Code in windows 10. I am also going to show ow to debug your Python code using vs code. This process will… Continue reading

Star Pattern – 1 Program (Logic) in Java by Deepak

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#StarPatterns #StarPatternsInJava #java… Continue reading

Java Project Tutorial With Source Code – Part 1/2

Full Java Project Tutorial Step by Step In NetBeans With MySQL Database – 1

Watch The Next Part:

—————— Check out more Java Projects! ——————–

▶ Inventory Management System –

▶ Java Project For Beginners –

▶… Continue reading