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how to code

Coffee Coding: Episode 1 – How the Web Works

In this 4-part series, Galvanize web development instructor Teddi Maull breaks down the mysteries of coding and web development, in short, easy-to-digest bites.

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About Galvanize
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How To Fix a Coding Error Quick | Easy Way to Style Website

A convenient method used to troubleshoot the coding on a website is by inspecting the code through your browser. Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome all have different versions. We use Chrome in this tutorial, and we will modify a few… Continue reading

How To Code Colors On Websites | Hexadecimal Coding Tutorial

In this video we will go over what a hexadecimal color code is and how to use them. Hexadecimal (HEX) colors codes are different than RGB color codes, and we typically find hexadecimal colors codes in a websites coding.

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Web design speed code – Landing page [Atom, CSS, HTML]

Fan art/web design for fan made, browser-based pokemon rpg.

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Web Development Online Courses

Hey guys,
I’ve been asked a couple times for my suggestions of online courses so I thought i’d do a video with resources I’ve tried that actually helped me. Hope this helps 🙂

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