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Senior projects & job hunt preparation – Week 10 Recap at Coding Bootcamp in Tokyo – Code Chrysalis

In week ten, students started working on their final projects for the course. They also met with recruiters and went over job search strategies!

Video: Krista Moroder (NonQuixote —


Code Chrysalis is a 12-week, full-time advanced coding bootcamp… Continue reading

How To Make An Auto Hacking USB Drive


This video will show you how to make an auto-hacking USB drive and how to protect yourself from them. You can find all scripts at my forum post:

U3 Universal customizer-… Continue reading

Best websites to code | Improve coding skills | Get hired or get a job | Telugu | Bright deamon

in this video, I have tried to show you some of the best websites which would help you to improve your skills in various computer fields.





project euler:-


For… Continue reading

Why you need a web hosting

Why do I need a web hosting is the question that I have encountered many times. When I am working with new clients, they sometimes ask me that I have a domain name, why do I need to invest… Continue reading

Top 5 text editor for web development
In this video, I will talk about top 5 text editors that I recommend for web developers. These are the text editors that I use or I have used in past. I will talk about pros and cons of… Continue reading