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graphic design tutorials

Why Coding is Not Web Design! Why Coding is Not Web Design!
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When people ask me how to become a web designer my first instinct is to tell them to learn HTML coding, but that is actually wrong. To… Continue reading

How to Move from Print Design to Digital Design (Web Design, UI Design, Product Design)

Moving from Print Design to Digital Design (I.E. Web Design, App Design, etc…) is fun and exciting but not without it’s differences and discouragement. In this video I talk about making the move and what you can expect. Remember to… Continue reading

Learn the Most Common Design Mistakes by Non Designers

A compilation of 15 most common design mistakes committed by non-designers and amateur visual artists. They include how to avoid using too many words instead of visuals, Poor readability, and lack of negative space. Learn more at:

source –… Continue reading