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domain name

What is a Domain name? What is Web Hosting? (For Complete Beginners) | Webhosting Setup Tutorial

If you’re looking for the best explanation of what is a domain name and How Does It Work? What is Web Hosting and How Does It Work? This complete Beginners Webhosting Setup Tutorial is for you! 🙂

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Web Hosting 101 [Free Lecture #3] – Purchase Web Hosting

Web Hosting 101: Lecture 3
In this free lecture, we learn how to purchase an affordable, great quality hosting package for our website.

More About This Course
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How to connect your domain to a a Web Hosting on Siteground

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What Is The Difference Between Domain Name And Hosting?

Are you wondering what exactly web hosting is? Or domain name registration? And do you really need them both?

Over the years we have gotten these questions about the difference between website hosting and domain name registration so many times,… Continue reading

What is Web Hosting ? Domain ? SubDomain || Web Development Lesson 10

In this video We will talk about Web hosting, Domain, and Subdomains. We will also learn about Free webhosting and Paid webhosting. You will also know the key benefits among these. So Watch the complete video of this web development… Continue reading

Hosting Domain On Godaddy low Cost In Telugu Free Domain Email Hosting Godaddy Domain And Hosting

Hosting Domain On Godaddy low Cost In Telugu | Free Domain Email Hosting | Godaddy Domain And Hosting
To host multiple websites on your hosting account you must:
Add the domain name to your hosting account and select a folder… Continue reading

What You Should Know Before Buying a Domain Name

Scott explains tips, pitfalls, and techniques for buying a domain name. He also provides info on effective domain names and how to research a good name using third party websites.

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How to register a DOMAIN NAME for your UK business? (part 2)

Welcome to part 2 of this series all about creating your first business web site! In part 1 we looked at the fundamentals of web hosting and Wordpress web sites. Today we’re getting this show on the road and registering… Continue reading

Uk Domain Names from a UK web hosting company Bargain Host

Domain names and web hosting UK Web Host Bargain Host

Why Choose Us?
Since 2001 Bargain Host have campaigned to offer the lowest possible priced Hosting in the UK, we have achieved this goal successfully and built up… Continue reading

What Is Web Hosting?

[] Want to start a website? You’re going to need a web host. Learn what a web host is in our latest 60-second video.

When you want to start a business in the real world, you need a physical location… Continue reading