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Figma design system for a marketing website

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Creating a design system for a marketing website was a daunting task for me because I hadn’t seen many examples based on a marketing… Continue reading

Accessible Web Design: What Is It & How To Do It

Read Pablo’s post about Accessibility:
Mentioned Chrome extention:
MDS Contrast tool:
Check out Accessibe:

Learn how to design high-value websites:

Learn how to build custom websites in hours using Webflow:

Flux… Continue reading

Welcome To Flux | Learn Web Design and Development – Become a Freelance Designer!

Welcome To Flux!
This channel is dedicated to helping you become high-value designers so you can make a living doing creating work.
My name is Ran Segall, I’m a freelance designer and the founder of Flux Academy.
On this channel,… Continue reading

A day in the life of a UX Designer in San Francisco (but forreal)

About a year ago I made a video about the day in the life as a Product/UX Designer and looking back on it… I just don’t think it was that useful. So, I decided to remake that video but hopefully… Continue reading

My first professional code project! | Conference site development

A show and tell of the website I designed and built for the ConvertKit conference, Craft + Commerce, and what I learned along the way. Please remember to subscribe

Hacking around with HTML and CSS and coding a site… Continue reading

Best Web Design Apps and Alternatives for Linux

0:38 Inkscape
1:23 Gimp
2:02 Darktable
2:34 Krita
3:08 Gravit Designer

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Faculdade de Web Design

🌟 Quero Bolsa


🌟 Curso de Web Design


Video citado:


Você pode procurar no Google pelo termo Web Designer faculdade, faculdade de Web Designer…Enfim… Você não encontrará nenhum curso de bacharelado… Continue reading

Web design vs Design Gráfico – O que faz um Designer Gráfico e um Web Designer?

Web Designer ou Designer Gráfico? Qual a diferença entre Web Design e Design gráfico? Qual escolher?

No vídeo, David Arty do Chief of Design, explica o que é cada área e como você pode definir por qual área seguir.

Eu… Continue reading

Web Design 201: Designer Series course overview

This is an overview of the Web Design 201: Designer Series online course.

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Web Design ou UI Design? Entenda a Diferença entre UI Design e Web Design

Web Design ou UI Design? Qual a diferença entre Web Design e UI Design? Qual escolher?
Essa dúvida acontece porque nem o mercado e nem os profissionais tem uma definição sobre, quando o assunto é a criação de interfaces… Continue reading