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daniel shiffman

2.4 Saving to a Database – Working with Data and APIs in JavaScript


It’s time to add a database! Let’s learn why databases are important. For this video, I’ll start by using NeDB for the Data Selfie App.

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1.8: GitHub Pages – Git and GitHub for Poets

In part 8 of the Git and GitHub for Poets series, I show you how to use GitHub Pages as free web hosting.

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GitHub Repo for user Rainbow Coder:

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Coding Challenge #66: JavaScript Countdown Timer

In this video, I use the p5.js library to create a web-based countdown timer. I discuss the native JavaScript method setInterval() as well as p5’s millis().


Links discussed in this video:
🔗millis() reference:
🔗getURLParams() reference:

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11.3: Chrome Extensions: Content Scripts – Programming with Text

In this video, I cover “content scripts” for chrome extensions. The content script is a JavaScript file that runs in the context of a web page (and can be used to modify that page.)

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Coding Challenge #27: Fireworks!

In this 4th of July themed Coding Challenge, I build an HTML5 canvas Fireworks simulation from scratch using the p5.js JavaScript library. I also show how to use Processing to create 3D Fireworks. This code is based off of my… Continue reading

Guest Tutorial #4: Matrix Digital Rain in p5.js with Emily Xie

In this guest tutorial, Emily Xie uses the p5.js library to recreate the digital rain effect from the movie The Matrix.

Emily Xie is a software developer and creative coder. She’s passionate about coding education, having taught through various conference… Continue reading

Build a Full Stack Twitter Clone with Coding Garden

CJ is an Educator, Full Stack Developer and Maker. He streams himself live coding tutorials and walk throughs about Full Stack Web Development and other related tech on the YouTube channel Coding Garden with CJ.

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Coding Challenge #9: Solar System in Processing – Part 3 (3D textures)

In part 3 of this coding challenge, using Processing, I add texture to the 3D objects created in part 2. The PShape class and createShape() functions are covered.


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Guest Tutorial #3: Spring Animations and p5.js with Val Head

In this guest tutorial, Val Head uses the p5.js library to create a simple spring animation (without the use of a separate physics engine!)

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1.5: Errors & Console – p5.js Tutorial

In this video, I take a look at the p5.js console and error messages.

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