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daniel shiffman

Coding Challenge #9: Solar System in Processing – Part 3 (3D textures)

In part 3 of this coding challenge, using Processing, I add texture to the 3D objects created in part 2. The PShape class and createShape() functions are covered.


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Guest Tutorial #3: Spring Animations and p5.js with Val Head

In this guest tutorial, Val Head uses the p5.js library to create a simple spring animation (without the use of a separate physics engine!)

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1.5: Errors & Console – p5.js Tutorial

In this video, I take a look at the p5.js console and error messages.

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Coding Challenge #83: Chrome Extension with p5.js Sketch

In this coding challenge, I attempt to make a chrome extension that overlays a drawing canvas (using the p5.js library) on all webpages.

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Coding Challenge #26: 3D Supershapes

In this Coding Challenge, I use the “superformula” to make a 3D “supershape” in Processing. This is part 4 of a multi-part series on superformulas, superellipses and supershapes

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Coding Challenge #25: Spherical Geometry

In this Coding Challenge, I create a sphere in Processing using spherical coordinates and triangle strips. This is the 3rd part of a multi-part series on superformulas, superellipses and supershapes.

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Coding Challenge #136.1: Polar Perlin Noise Loops

In this challenge, I follow the path of a circle in 2D Perlin noise space in order to use noise values that loop. #PerlinNoiseLoop


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Coding Challenge #96: Visualizing the Digits of Pi

In this second Pi Day coding challenge, I attempt to “visualize” the digits of Pi. #PiTrain

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3.2: Linear Regression with Ordinary Least Squares Part 1 – Intelligence and Learning

In this video, part of my series on “Machine Learning”, I explain how to perform Linear Regression for a 2D dataset using the Ordinary Least Squares method. In Part 2, I demonstrate how to code the algorithm in JavaScript, using… Continue reading

Coding Challenge #42.1: Markov Chains – Part 1

In Part 1 of this Coding Challenge, I discuss the concepts of “N-grams” and “Markov Chains” as they relate to text. I use Markova chains to generate text automatically based on a source text.

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