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Website Marketing – Part 2.

Website Marking Part 2. Helps people get a small understanding of how important it is to have your website listed in the most relevent category.
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Professional trendy video.mp4-Website Marketing Video – Website Advertising Video –Animated Video

Professional website video, customized to your needs. Animated video.
Great for website designers and website development, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), marketing your website and advertising on the internet.
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What is an Ad Network? Internet Marketing 101 #005

I break down the basics of how an Ad Network works and why a publisher ie. Blogger would want to work with an Ad Network

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Here are the Ad Networks I trust!

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Create WordPress Website on a localhost using Xampp

Create Wordpress Website on a localhost using Xampp

In this video we will show you how to create a wordpress website and install that on a localhost using xampp.

XAMPP is an easy to install Apache distribution containing MySQL,… Continue reading

Website Ownership: Marketing or Information Systems?

Abnormal CEO addresses one of the biggest, yet most easily solvable marketing mistakes. Abnormal Marketing is an Arizona advertising and marketing agency based in Phoenix, but serving global clients. Visit us at and don’t forget to follow our world… Continue reading

How to host a website with Github

Hello YouTube! Today I show you how to host a free website with Github! We upload your HTML website to Github and then using freenom we also create a first class free domain name! The process is really simple and… Continue reading

Website Marketing Automation

Tic Tac Toe Website Automation Framework:

[Watch The Free Framework]
“Whether you have a website or don’t have one yet, I created a framework to help you understand the importance of owning your own website, creating automated revenue and… Continue reading

What I Wish I Knew When Starting Affiliate Marketing Beginner Advice

My #1 Recommendation To Make A Full-Time Income Online

What I Wish I Knew When Starting Affiliate Marketing Beginner Advice

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Web Design & Online Marketing | Grow Your Business with Simplemachine

Hey, we’re Simplemachine! It’s simple, we want your business to grow! We’re a family-owned & operated marketing company here to connect you and your brand directly to your customers.

We’ll create a marketing campaign individually tailored for you and your… Continue reading