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The Secret step-by-step Guide to learn Hacking

totally clickbait. but also not clickbait. I don’t know where to start hacking, there is no guide to learn this stuff. But I hope you still have a plan now!

How to learn hacking –

The ultimate guide,
everything you need to know –

Stuff that looks cool:

crypto challenges –
wargames –
other exploit challenges –
basics of exploitation (+ my playlists) –
math puzzles with programming –
break ethereum smart contracts –

Try something new:

create an android app –
create a website with python –
do some nice animations –
make some LEDs blink –

Other Channels:

GynvaelEN –
MurmusCTF –
MalwareAnalysisForHedgehogs –
hasherezade –
IppSec –
John Hammond –

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40 Responses to The Secret step-by-step Guide to learn Hacking

  • Rafael 2080 says:

    step 1 : you can't
    Step 2 : read the first step again.

  • The guide was very useful
    I had searched so many times but now I got a clear path
    Thanku thanku very much for giving a good Guide

  • Abdul Aziem says:

    Is every hacker a criminal?

  • Further More says:

    so, to learn how computers works, what would you suggest to start from?

  • berlinletsp says:

    Yes i remember google wave. Such a pity it couldn't establish somehow

  • John Dumelo says:

    Thanks to trackwilly Com

  • it's totally true, the dead ends, the projects you fail to create, finish it's true,… learn the difference between hacking, programming, and exploiting, c++, c#, assembly, everthing, go on get deep in your interests, indeed years do it's thing don't focus on "hacking" do the things it requires, repeat these things daily, monthly, annually, until…. you can do it… remember that most people, often real securty specialists won't say you are a hacker because, you don't make your own software to "hack"

    for now, honestly I use others people stuff, indeed, to get experience open their programs decompile, or simpl6y view it's code… learn from it, practice it and so on

  • Bro how do I contact you

  • i never thought hacking is very simple

  • PC Helper says:
  • Vert3x says:

    I'm 21 and I'm feeling like reaper is calling me, and now you're telling me that you're young XD?

  • im sorry says:

    step 1: download linux of your preference
    step 2: use cache poisoning to steal your moms credit card
    step 3: use it to buy vbucks

    i am not responsible for any harm created by following my steps

  • Zahid Hassan says:

    For the first time on the you tube. I am inspired that I have not wasted my time in learning different things. Its all accumulated.

  • Team DDB says:

    Hacking can't be learned

  • useless video you either give advice or not making videos saying you don't know you don't know wasting our time

  • Could uh please..tell me where i can find that book

  • Bao D says:

    you cannot become a hacker without understanding networking.

  • Breaking news today from The Crypto Sight, Crypto News and Crypto Insight that Bittersweet Triumph for AT&T in $24Mln Sim Swapping Legal Battle

  • truely motivated me thanks…..

  • Hacking is more about how people operate and express themselves via code. The code itself is neutral and does not have a bias, but depending on it's expression can hold internal breaks within logic that can be exploited. Viruses etc… are code that exploit internal breaks or issues of the code of the creators.

    You can hack together some code or you can modify hardware physically and call such hacking. Phreaking in a way was a form of hacking, just using the early phone systems.

    Social Engineering and Reverse Social Engineering are social hacking methods that do not need to exploit computer code and hardware, rather the insecurities of people more directly.

    When you hack computers you are actually hacking the people who programmed such in a indirect way.

  • Bhai pls help me to hack ludo king tm pls bhai

  • Sad Wizard says:

    how old r u ?

  • iZ0N says:

    finally after years of searching!(new subscriber here!)

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  • Erica smith says:

    For all Hacking Services. I Recommend you Contact them if you need help on

  • Feluxan says:

    you are german, right?

  • Matin _T says:

    me : i want to be a hacker one day and i needed some help . do you know ……..
    the publisher : i dont know . just have fun . sex with your computer .

  • Ray Castel says:

    This video is a lifehack.

  • FA says:

    Kann man irgendwie an dein Schulprojekt bezΓΌglich SQL Injections rankommen?

  • SuperXrunner says:

    Basically a waste of time. But still useful

  • The best way to sum up this entire video. 1:35

  • You can't build if there is nothing to break.

  • Seth Adkins says:

    The place you want to start is get a laptop then put a bunch of stickers on it.

  • stock1337 says:

    Some tips:
    1)Dont learn in a systematic way such as reading book for knowledge. Also most hacking things in book already outdated.
    2) learn how to ask urself question. And solve it by finding simple answer that YOU can understand. May take a while, use "passion" to accelerate the process("in the moment").
    3) follow current meta game. Now is kali linux.
    4) learn to consolidate ur knowledges and learn to see similarty.
    5) learn hacker mind set. Not their knowledge. Hacking knowledge is just a by product of hacking…
    6) dont limit hacking to just computers…
    7) change your negative belief system. REDEFINE your road block as turning point full of excitement. If you read this far, you know you are half way to be a hacker. Have fun ^_^

  • _( " )_/

  • No

  • stand alone says:

    I'm have learned all you mentioned(in general scheme). And after years I understand that programming don't get me fun( All is boring(sites, applications, deployment)

  • 9 Minutes says:

    Ok, this is the real answer: the more you learn about programming, the more you learn where the programmer lazy out and you can just take advantages of it.

  • S Saitama says:

    I was 11-12 years old when i was playing Habbo on my first ever computer, one day i found out that there are private servers of Habbo where you don't need to spend money to play the game and enjoy it. While i was playing on one of those private servers (which are simply websites in php) the client stopped working and on the index page there was instead the index of a "hacker" that managed to hack the server i was playing on.
    I was really intrigued by that, so i started to ask people how do they/he do that, but it wasn't easy to get answers if you ask random kids that play on Habbo private servers like you, but, but, one day this guy told me about webshells hidden in CMSs (because people back in the day, to build a private habbo server, they were going on google and type Habbo CMS, download it and use it, the only problem was that some of those CMSs had preinstalled webshells hidden in some remote directories and some of them where hard to detect), so i started looking for those webshells even if i didn't really know what to do once i found them. Once i found one ( i was wondering how do i "hack" it now? And at first it was very confusing and not satisfying at all, in the end i managed to understand how they work and what to do with them, so i started hacking several Habbo's private servers and people actually started to know my nickname (i was getting "popular" and it was very fun for a 12yo kid).
    But like every nice story ends, i got bored of it pretty quickly, i realized that those were servers/websites that no one really care about, so i moved on from those and tried to break into actuall websites, the problem was i only knew how to search for webshells already in a website, I didn't know you could actually hack a website first and upload your shell after once you are in.
    One day while browsing Facebook, i came across this group of "hackers" (who knows who was in that group) and there was a video explaining a vulnerability in Joomla CMS, called Privilege Escalation, seemed a pretty easy way to get access to an admin panel and it really was, once i learned the technique it just took me like 5 minutes to break in a website. So you already know what i did, i started using Google Dorks (like in the video of that guy) to find potentially vulnerable websites and every one i managed to hack, i was posting it on to try get attention from someone and i actually got attention from some guys that i will met a bit later in a funny way.
    As you expect, i got bored of hacking random websites pretty quickly, so i moved on Governments websites (every nation has governments sites and they basically have all the same domain extension like .gov for the US, for the UK or for Italy) at first was much harder on gov sites, most of them werent vulnerable to that Joomla vuln, but some of them were. And it was on a, when i managed to upload a shell thru the admin panel, when i noticed that someone else is using the shell i uploaded, and it was this dude called DR34M.
    At first we were just trying to cut eachother off that shell so only one of us were able to reconnect to it, i was fast but i just knew that, he was much better then me and he managed to cut me off but, but, as soon as he cut me off i receive a message on Facebook saying "nice try, you are good wanna join our team?" And that is where it all started, i basically joined a hacking team composed by a few guys and they teached me several ways to break in to websites, one of those being the most powerful one, SQL Injection.

    We were hacking so many gov websites that our Zone-H was basically full of stars (when you hack and post a government site on Zone-H, is highlighted with a star next to the link), we kept going for almost a year non stop until one day i came across one of the biggest org in the world, you not gonna believe me but is actually true believe it or not, NASA. I was just 13, and this time i was still looking for that Joomla vuln on gov sites when i found this subdomain of (it was something like, that was running an old version of Joomla and i quickly tried to do my privilege escalation thing and somehow it worked! I was actually breaking a subdomain from NASA,when i realized that there were actually 8 subdomains on the same host, so from 1 i was able to edit everything i wanted on all the other 7 aswell, and yeah you guessed it, i put my index in all 8 of them and posted on Zone-H as quickly as possible and after that i went to sleep.
    When i woke up there wasn't police at my door, neither FBI or stuff like that, but online on news sites like everyone was talking about me and my team, and i felt very proud for some reason.
    If you search "italian hackers NASA" on google, you probably would find the article on hackread of what im talking about, its not a joke its all real.

    After like 8-9 years, the italian Cyber Police (literally called Polizia Postale), started a operation to try and find us, and if you wonder why im here, well… i never got caught, only one of us did, the oldest and smartest between us.

    Thank you for reading my story, that's how i learned to hack websites and what i did when i was a kid, nowadays i don't do any of these even tho i would like to, but my PC broke 3 years ago and i never wanted to buy one back, im too scared of what can i do with it. I leave some links if you still think im saying a bunch of bullshit: search "italian hackers NASA"
    On twitter i have the link of my Zone-H, @System__X
    and i also had a pastebin, nothing too special about it,

    PS: moral of my story is "ALWAYS USE PROXIES AND VPNs" LMAO

  • eddie rcr says:

    you have a knife but you use it for cutting a tree. congrats you are hacker.

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