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CrowdFunding website, portal promotion,Marketing services advertising Traffic
CrowdFunding website, portal promotion,Marketing services advertising Traffic
Crowdfunding is the next big thing. It’s well on its way to having another record year in global funding. In order to provide innovators, entrepreneurs, small businesses, artist and even charities a chance at getting a piece of the donation/rewards/creation wave — you’ve launched your crowdfunding platform.
But as the market grows — so does the amount of competition. As you are looking to grow — we know what you are going through. Being a small business ourselves — we’ve been there. (what if you had clear direction – slide) We know some of the challenges you are facing:
How do you get more traffic to your site? How do you build a niche against the established “big boys” that are out there right now, like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and RocketHub? Afterall – even crowdfunding platforms need to build a crowd.
and ultimately, how do you get issuers to register at your platform?
You are a big part of the Crowdfunding community and we want to be able to help you promote your values – your platform and deliver our established web site visitors, followers and clients to you. How do we add value to you and your portal?
There is no big secret here. We work every hard for you, we leverage our community and networks, and we have solid strategic partners. We help you build the best environment to create crowd critical mass.
A – We expertly use Google and it’s overwhelming stronghold as the information search leader to drive qualified crowds to your portal. We have more than 150 optimized crowdfunding URL’s which are mostly on the first page of Google searches that can all help you achieve awareness We receive more than 5,000+ crowdfunding qualified visits daily which can be used to get you noticed. B – We successfully worked with other portals to drastically improve their visibility and crowd awareness
often getting them to the first page of Google searches within the first month.
C — We are able to deliver qualified social media promotional campaigns for you and your clients.
Our social media channels have more than 50,000+ qualified folllowers. Everyone who is with us, knows about crowdfunding. They are active crowdfunders, donors and industry activist. Our network can be targeted to your portal and your campaigns.

D – We also manage press releases for our clients and partners Imagine the exposure you can get achieve by having weekly press releases with a qualified crowd following your news? If you need them written, we have expert writers that can assist you with this. Our media network consist of 500 USA media contacts
The best journalist and bloggers in various industry 6,800 radio stations
7,800 newspapers and 2,200 cable television network shows.
F – We are also experts in Video SEO — Video searches are the second most popular method of information search and statistically the most popular method of search. Good or bad, the written word is losing value over the more entertaining visual message. We are able to promote your values through your video to the first page of Google Search and Youtube, based on your optimized target words and phrases. If you need, we can also able to create entertaining animated videos for your clients such as these:
G. And if you are in the starttprocess of developing your platform, we can help you to
choose a wright vertical ( such as – crowdfunding+games, Crowdfunding+women, Crowdfunding+movie ) and we can also tTest and get concept validation ( CFSL) before you fully launch your platform
Our services are solely targeted to CrowdFunding ecosystem, If the above interest you , please contact us and we will package a low cost Crowdfunding promotion / Media Relations Package for you that will increase your portal Traction and analytics. This is good for you and good for the investors you are looking to attract.
CrowdFunding Planning – The Crowd is waiting to use your portal and we can help.
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