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Free Web Hosting on Google Drive (with

Other methods don’t work any longer.I also highly recommend NETLIFY ( for free web hosting. It is free for individual use, not sure how much space they offer for free though.
This is a roundabout way using to host website on google drive
If you already have a google account and know how to move your files to your google drive, then skip to 1:30
To learn only about how to get the url with, skip to 2:44
Links mentioned in this tutorial :
PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THE SERVER DRV.TW CAN BE DOWN AT TIMES, THOUGH RARE. For a free service, I think it is very good.
1. Your index file on control panel will show up only as /
Just click on / and it will bring up the link to your index page on your website
2. Is safe? I think so, but not sure. To be safe, only use the account for your web site.
3. Every time you upload a file or change it, confirm it is public. If your website is under a directory in google drive, then just right click on the directory and go through the steps to make it public. Whatever goes under that directory will automatically be public and you won’t have to do that with individual files or with files which your add or change later on
5. For some reason, it does not work well if you view your pages in SAFARI. You may have to reload the page a few times to be seen in safari.
6. Drv tw works only with STATIC content (HTML, Java, CSS). Does not work with PHP or wordpress.. Dynamic content does not work

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