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My Website Hosting Journey 5 Hosts in 5 Years!

Would you believe how challenging it has been for me to find a website hosting provider that works within the limitations of my business online? When I started my business 5 years ago, cost was a huge factor and branding played a big part in my decision. I did my own research and chose some hosting provider I had never heard of before. There hosting was a nightmare for my WordPress website and I switched next to Google sites. While their hosting was outstanding, the content management system they use is in house and very limiting in features. From Google Sites I moved to a HostGator dedicated server which was fast with 100 visitors or so per day but cost over $4,000 a year. To save money and accept that my business did not merit a dedicated server, I switched to GoDaddy VPS which was horrible. When I tried to cancel, GoDaddy sold me on managed WordPress which is exactly what I needed. With a few hundred visitors a day and not taking orders on my website, my GoDaddy worked good. Once I hit 1,000+ visitors a day with many customers trying to place orders in my website, everything came tumbling down. Customers were being charged twice, order pages were not loading, and suddenly I found that GoDaddy had no option to even upgrade. I almost switched to BlueHost after they made me a custom affiliate offer of $80 per sign up but then in the processing of switching the entire experience was horrible. While GoDaddy had done a free migration live on the phone from HostGator, BlueHost charges $199 to migrate a website and the chat support did not even tell me I could order it with my plan. After making this episode in complete frustration, I was inspired to do more research. After hours more of Googling and reading post after post linking to affiliate program after affiliate program and remembering this podcast episode, I thought why not see if Google has a WordPress hosting solution? It turns out THEY DO using the Google Cloud Program or GCP. This service is similar to Amazon Web Services or AWS in that it is cloud based computing. My experience with Google sites taught me that Google is unmatched for fast hosting and a few times Googling Google WordPress Hosting led me to google “Managed WordPress Hosting with Google Cloud” which led me to Kinsta. Kinsta apparently hosts many huge websites like those by Intuit, creator of Turbotax and owner of While Kinsta does not have a plan for less than $100 a month, they offer top tier speed and scaling according to an independent and not affiliated review website. They offer a simple setup by hosting through Google Cloud Platform which removes the difficulties of setting my own WordPress installation up there. What I hope you get out of this episode is seeing the value of persistence and continuing to keep asking deeper questions. It is no coincidence that just an hour after doing this episode and crying in frustration, I found the hosting solution I needed. My exercise for this episode was to practice gratitude for having so many easy to choose from options which is exactly what I did which led me to signup with Kinsta right after messaging BlueHost to cancel and provide a full refund. I appreciate you reading this and hope this episode of Happier People podcast is helpful for you!

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