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lesson -1 coding for website html tutorial css tutorials making website web page design html5 css3

lesson -1 coding for website, html tricks and tips html program html programming making website web page design using html and css – how to make website web design, computer programming web designing in notepad by html code tutorials, what is html? website design tutorials and introduction for beginners, start to learn html and css in 5 minutes. You can use notepad of windows or notepad++ for writing the codes for html and css, web page layout design in html how to make website using html and css, introduction to html programming in very easy and simple way from basic and starting. In notepad++ you can type your code and click on file menu and save as sub menu and change normal text file (*.txt) option to Hyper Text Markup Language file (*.html) or before starting to type your code click on to language menu, find the first letter of your language in which you want to type your coding, click H submenu and select HTML language there, it will now work as a default language for your software and while you will save your file, the software will automatically choose Hyper Text Markup Language file (*.html). There are two types of website, first is static website where no JavaScript or php is used in the coding, second is dynamic where server side programming such as php or other language is used and the client side script like JavaScript or other language is also used, third is sql language which is used for server side database management, but all the three languages which we are discussed used in dynamic websites not in static websites, both static and dynamic websites or webpages uses html – hypertext markup language and css – cascading style sheet which are primary languages for making webpage or website and necessary for both static and dynamic webpages or websites both, so have to start from html later css and later other languages to learn, Here we are trying to understand about static website or static webpage. Latest versions of html and css programming languages are html5 & css3
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