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How to Make a WordPress Website from Scratch (UK Version) – Easy!

View the WordPress website you can build at

I’ve made a newer “How To Make a Website with WordPress” video over here:

In this video I show you How to Make a WordPress Website from Scratch, Step-By-Step. We literally start with nothing and finish with a fantastic WordPress website.

I’ve tried to make this video as easy to follow as possible on making your website. If you get stuck at any point please leave a comment below and i’ll try my best to help you out.

You will need to purchase a few things to get your site up and running but it won’t cost much. The main thing is WordPress hosting. For this I recommend the excellent TSOHOST. You’re also going to need the theme. The cost is tiny compared to using a WordPress website developer who charge over £1000 for a website like this.

This video is for people that want to host their WordPress website in the UK.

Here are the chapters:

Introducing the website you’ll be making with WordPress: 1:10
Setting up your WordPress website hosting: 1:55
Logging in to your website hosting control panel: 6:11
Adding a Website to your hosting: 6:28
Installing WordPress: 7:19
Logging into WordPress: 8:00
Changing your WordPress password: 8:30
Downloading your Premium WordPress theme: 9:49
Installing Propulsion (the WordPress theme): 11:54
Setting up the homepage: 14:49
Setting up the homepage slider: 19:45
Editing your slider images with Fireworks: 21:50
Removing the page title from the homepage and adding more content: 24:40
Looking at the Propulsion shortcodes and adding the 1 – 2 -3: 26:15
Setting up portfolio items: 34:42
Configuring the portfolio items: 40:02
Refining the homepage so it looks good!: 42:58
Setting the WordPress website logo: 44:03
Adding text to the homepage slider: 44:53
Tidying up the homepage: 49:00
Adding internal WordPress pages: 52:44
Adding pages to the WordPress menu (navigation): 54:23
Adding content to and configuring your WordPress pages: 57:01
Adding images to your pages: 58:37
Setting up your Portfolio (our work) page: 59:56
Setting your About us page: 1:02:56
Creating and adding WordPress blog posts: 1:05:16
Setting the blog page: 1:09:35
Setting up the contact us page: 1:10:06
Configuring WordPress sidebars: 1:12:29
Setting up the website footer: 1:15:12
Setting the Favicon: 1:17:27
Add your social media icons: 1:18:04
Setting the theme colours, fonts & other styling options: 1:18:38
Final WordPress options (site name etc): 1:22:13
Good luck with your new WordPress site: 1:23:15

I’ll setup the website for you if you want, in 48 hours..

Post questions in the comments or tweet me @wordpresseagle or @alexcooper. For more videos check out

I’d love to see your sites, post them in the comments.

Get Hosting at – code is : WPEAGLE
Get the Theme:

This video aims to answer the following questions:

‘build a website step by step”
“learn how to build a website”
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21 Responses to How to Make a WordPress Website from Scratch (UK Version) – Easy!

  • Jon Norman says:

    Hey Dude, great video. it really helped. I have previously registered a domain name with Godaddy but want to trasfer it to Tsohost & use wordpress as per your advice. Only thing is when I click on my website (just after installing WP) it goes to a page that says "this page is parked courtesy of Godaddy". Ive contacted GD & they have said that i need to get a code from the new register? Any advice? Please! & many thanks in advance. Cheers, Jon

  • thanks great vid and I've subscribed to the channel, dove straight into making my own site 😀 used your discount code too cheers dude

  • Hi, would this be the same process to setup a ecommerce website?

  • Mike Dowsett says:

    Hi Alex.
    I want to increase the size of the Logo at the top of the page from the standard 200 x 100px. I know I need to change the CSS but can't find the relevant script. Could you point me in the right direction please. BTW. Great instructional Movie 🙂

  • Hi Alex, I have designed a website using this video and with propulsion, I have a large banner logo across the top of the page but would like to increase the font size of the page header tabs like "Home" "About us" etc, how can I do this? Thanks

  • Linda Mellor says:

    Hi Alex, I am asking for your help once again with the Propulsion theme. I made a page the dynamic template, I have set it to full width and added 4 elements – 2 of them are blog widgets, I am not sure where to go to remove some text on the left hand side, it appears on both blogs – I have searched everywhere to see if I can remove it but I'm getting no joy at all. It has a small flag style bar with little edit icon and the words are 'this entry has 0 comments in 50 OU (the category I created) by Linda'. I would like to remove this, any suggestions how I do this? Many thanks, Linda

  • S Grint says:

    Hi Alex
    Thanks for the offer code (a bit like asda "every little helps").
    I wonder if you could advise me on this minor issue?
    I went to register a domain address as a & it said "taken transfer for free" does that mean someone else has it or it is available but i need to transfer it somehow?
    forgive me for not knowing anything at all about this 🙂
    any advice is greatly appreciated & very welcome.

  • Linda Mellor says:

    Hi Alex, Really pleased to have found your informative videos. I have followed your video and used your referral codes and I'm happy to say I have started on my website with the Propulsion theme. I wondered if you could help me further? I want to add a members log in area then add content. How would I go about it? Many thanks.

  • Krystalize says:

    Thanks! And referral code used 🙂

  • Thanks for this exellent tutorial video- I have an inquiry – Could you please explain how can I design it in 2 languages ( English and Farsi ) . We want design for a website for a charity based in UK.

  • MisterKite says:

    Hello mate, I had set up my Tsohost account and domain and that, but the problem is that it looks like the site has been updated i think, i cannot seem to find the 'add new website' button. Instead, it takes me to a completely different dashboard to what you have on the screen. Any ideas on how I can find this?

  • hi,i did my first website with tsohost .was ok,nowi try for 4 days to log in my new website to start build it,and every day one prb it is.first the password they give me was wrong,now when i try to logg in it says :site offline for like 2 days.donno what to do?

  • hi,i think i added by misteake wwww insted of www,so thats why they say not found,what should i do?plz !thank you

  • hi,i did my website,was great actually ,thx for this perfect vid,but i have this big prb now.donno what i did,i was in the part with settings,did everything, like adding the www and that's it,clicked save and when to logg in says ""webpage not available"' i am like distroyed now,plz help me,donno what i did !plzz help me get my beautifull website back!!1

  • what should i do?

  • Hi,i did exactly as in the vid,i wait more than 24 h and i still can't log in.says ''contact support,reference cod 1''

  • ADEPT BADRU says:


  • James Harley says:

    Has anyone used hostinger it seems better and cheaper?

  • at 08.00 you use WordPress as the site and click on a logo to do so. But how do we know if that is or

    I find all this quite baffling. I just want to set up multiple (prob 5 or 6) WordPress sites to write about my hobbies but also have adsense attached so that i can make some pocket money. Searching through Youtube to find out how to do this is stroke-inducing.  If you can help by pointing me to a video or some other help, i will enter all your vouchers so you can get your little kickback and buy you a small diet coke.

  • I'm studying for my mum when she starts her fascinating buisness

  • turbo xtreme says:

    The flute music reminds me of Star Trek Voyager whenever Chakotay was getting in touch with his spirit guide, LOL!

    Oh thanks for the tutorial, I've got my website up and running now. Just starting to fill it out now 8)

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