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Bad Web Design: A Look At The Most Hilariously Terrible Websites From Around The Web

In today’s video we a look at the most hilariously terrible websites from around the web

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17 Responses to Bad Web Design: A Look At The Most Hilariously Terrible Websites From Around The Web

  • mmromanc says:

    Wow…my eyes are bleeding..

  • Thiago Bravo says:

    kkk that was fun

  • Lgtv Home says:

    I am terribly disappointed when you left the pinnacle,
    Blaze your website with

  • nobodypanic says:

    Ok sorry but instead of showing bad sites, instead focus on showing proper design and talking about it. I dont like the whole shame video thing. I really thought elegant themes was better then this….

  • What's the purpose of this video?

  • This video just feels really weird. I get that a lot of youtube channels poke fun at people and it can be really amusing… but this just feels awkward… and strange. ET has always been great at motivating, and empowering their users to create better websites. And letting people know that you don't have to be the world's greatest designer in order to create a great website. This video just feels like it's doing the complete opposite of that.

    Elegant Themes, your a respected company because you help empower and inspire people, with a great product. This kind of video just doesn't work for you, and you don't need it.

    – Sincerely, a Divi user.

  • Farhan Munim says:

    Fun video! Can you please do a video for beautiful designs? Maybe have a blog post with a contact form for fellow Divi users to share our Divi sites?

  • Sites like that don't make me laugh, they make me sad. 🙁

    These creations do offer valuable insights on what definitely not to do.

  • That Yale site tough. 😉

    Prestigious, I must say. Truly worthy of a member of the "ancient eight".

  • The website for Suzanne Collins just makes me feel sad. Why would such a famous author put up with such a BAD website!?

    Seeing that a government rep’s website was trying to post a Buzzfeed-style article (and failing miserably) is just so on-brand with the current administration, it hurts the brain.

    All the other examples are wild early 90’s throwbacks to early web design, especially the Blinky one. MySpace decor, anyone?

    Speaking of off-brand, I have to concur with another commenter that this comparison video, and the tone of it, feels very atypical of what Elegant Themes usually produces. I was actually expecting a more measured “what not to do” video, with suggestions as to how to create better designs, not a full-on lampooning of web “designs” that only see “page 5987” of Google search results, if they see the digital light of day at all.

    Unless it’s Suzanne Collins’s website. Someone on staff should reach out to her & offer to revamp her website.

  • Kirio Crespo says:

    What about accessible to vision impaired users?

  • OldeFarquer says:

    This is some 90's shit is what this is, if you remember "Mirsky's Worst of the Web." Snobbery wasn't funny then, and it's not funny now.

    I could lampoon your site and products by harping on "I don't know if I'm logged in or not!" and "I already paid for a lifetime account and they're still trying to sell me shit!" or "Why do I have to code in all these social media icons in PHP, when I bought a f*cking builder to speed this up!?" and "Why is this bottom bar NOT showing MY name?" and so on.

    Stay Classy, ET.

  • I really like this video. I find it interesting as it shows me there are still people out there that are in need of a web designer or even someone to redesign their website. Its 2018 and there are plenty of terrible site out there, its motivates me knowing I can find clients! Keep making videos like this 😁

  • Blueprint says:


  • The sports site was made in Microsoft Word. I am not even kidding, Word has the ability to make websites in html, but they render like really weird html, at least the older versions of Word!

  • Mza says:

    Any "design" made by a back end developer, such as myself. 😂😂

  • Cool, bought a membership yesterday! Now I just got to learn all the different parts of the builder etc… 🙂

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