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Affiliate Marketing With Youtube And Fiverr – I Made $1130

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Here’s a simple guide on how I did it:
This still does cost money, however, you could do this yourself if you felt comfortable on camera – or even screen sharing.

For these earnings, I hired someone from Fiverr to do a video testimonial of a product. The trick is to find someone who looks natural – not professional.

The video cost me $30 it was 2 minutes long. I got them to talk about the product, who it’s for and who it is NOT for.

I then added text over the video saying to check the description to read other testimonials (was my affiliate link).

At the end of the video, I also told the person to say visit the link in the description to read the testimonials for inspiration.

Uploaded the video to Youtube with a good description + my link x 3.

The video has only had just over 4k views, was uploaded in Feb 2018.

This product pays $40 commission and a $50 commission depending on what package they buy.

What I could and should do is upload the video to a bunch of other video sharing sites. Then, I could link back to my Youtube video as well as drop my aff links.

This video alone could go on to earn commissions for years.

Not bad for $30 and about an hour of my time.

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