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How I lost my web design business

The web changed and I didn’t adapt quick enough. So, I lost my entire web design business. Here’s the whole story to keep it from happening to you.

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3 Responses to How I lost my web design business

  • I understand your point, but I think there's room for a bit more explicit advice, which might help some folks (maybe you go into more detail on your patreon courses?). Maybe not everyone is looking for a magical list to pick from, there might be some who are just confused as to what some of those mysterious web development niches could actually be so they can find their own.

    For instance you've mentioned membership sites many times in your videos (because it's your niche), but in this video you also referenced social networking sites, image-heavy and text-driven sites. database-driven sites, landing pages, business pages, real estate pages, responsive design, wordpress, and probably a couple more.

    From that list, some items are related to general technologies (database, responsive), some are specific software choices (wordpress, drupal, could include programming languages, frameworks), some are raw types of content (text or image based, could include video, audio, and more), you have membership and landing pages (more closely related to business models/processes), you mention real estate (you can try to pick some specific kind of business in general, or maybe no business and just personal websites), and so on. Note that these categories are not necessarily exclusive.

    Which goes back to your point, there's no list of niches.. but I think some examples are helpful. Maybe more if they're presented in categories, even if there's no list of categories of niches either. It gives a way of thinking about the problem.

    Thanks for your videos!

  • kjemradio says:

    Although only 30% of business websites in the US today are responsive, and roughly 60% are outdated. The other 10% are those that don't have a site.

  • PixemWeb says:

    Great video, thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience. I had to make the transition to creating WordPress Websites for clients since that's what they wanted. Glad I did. I still code in html, css, js, php but now the workflow is geared towards WordPress.

    I'm looking over the horizon to see what's next. We need a crystal ball in this business

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