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How to Move from Print Design to Digital Design (Web Design, UI Design, Product Design)

Moving from Print Design to Digital Design (I.E. Web Design, App Design, etc…) is fun and exciting but not without it’s differences and discouragement. In this video I talk about making the move and what you can expect. Remember to subscribe

Print Design has a long and well-respected history, nobody is discrediting the importance of print, but there is a new and exciting medium to design for that revolves around the digital space. Websites, Apps and Interfaces are all a challenging and rewarding way to flex your problem-solving design muscles.I made the move quickly into my career and found some interesting differences and learning curves along the way.

This video is for the Print Designer or up and coming Designer who is interested in the opportunities that designing for digital offer you. If you ask questions like “What’s the biggest difference between the two?” or “What do I really need to know to make the move?” then I hope this video will be a help to you. If there are any questions that you have that are not covered in the video please let me know,(I purposely left out topics like pay and day to day schedule and tried to focus on the technical design aspects of the switch) I will answer any other questions you have.

Hope you guys are having an amazing day and crushing it!


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  • Holy Molly says:

    Ugh I was triggered with the kerning of the texts ! 😂😂

    Great video and really help me in my condition ! I'm a traditional graphic designer but offered an internship as a digital designer so this vid really helps me much !

    Thanks bro !

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