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Hey guys,
I’ve been asked a couple times for my suggestions of online courses so I thought i’d do a video with resources I’ve tried that actually helped me. Hope this helps 🙂

websites mentioned in video:


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  1. nice vid. I actually use treehouse to learn code, and i supplement with this really good course on Udemy by Colt Steele named coding bootcamp. It cover the whole MEAN stack. I think i will also look into Udacity. thank you.

  2. Hey Ruseberry! thanks for another great video. keep up the good work.
    Quick question? what would be a good starting salary to aim for as a junior dev in the los angeles market? Im feeling a lot more confident about my code recently (just need to work on my javascript and jQuery) and plan on applying soon. just want to know what i should expect.

  3. If you can, please make a video on how to go about practice methods when you take these online courses. What are the most effective ways to practice/learn.

    Let me know if my question is a bit confusing.

  4. If possible, could you please put the link of all the sites that you mention on your description box so that we can visit the right site, it prevent us from misherad the address of the sites.. Thank u

  5. Hey! I have been binge watching your videos! Lol so much info thanks! So I have been considering going into coding, I did some research and came across a boot camp that University of Texas at Austin (great university) will do at Houston (were I live), its a 6 month program and its kind of pricey, do you think that because its from an accredited university it will be a good investment? Does it make a difference with employers? Or could I look for something else cheaper?

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