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GIVEAWAY – Wix Website Design Build – Free Web Design – Contest Details

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I decided to show my appreciation for you (my amazing community), I am offering a free web design build contest! The winner of this contest will get a complete website built in Wix from me for free. Usually web design rates are anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars, so this is an awesome deal.
Contest Requirements:
1. Subscribe to me on this YouTube channel (ComputerMDofGilbert)
2. Sign up for my Weekly Wix Tips email list
3. Like this video
4. Comment why you think you need this free web design build the most (Does not need to be a specific length, just share more about yourself and your journey with Wix)
Contest Deadline:
April 29, 2017
More Details:
-1 Winner will be selected randomly
-Sharing this video will not hurt your chances
If you have any questions, email me:

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10 Responses to GIVEAWAY – Wix Website Design Build – Free Web Design – Contest Details

  • Hi Gilbert,
    My name is Sachin Sawant and I am from India. I watch your videos and I liked most of them, especially because your videos have given me a ray of hope and I am sure you would definitely like to help me too. I am a big fan of WIX too coz it simplifies most of the issue of coding with simple solution. But as they say a fan or a devout has a right to like or love the predecessor he has a right to be not happy about his predecessor so what I don’t like about WIX is, it has no support neither mail nor voice except for pre-defined scripts. I am new venture and trying to make a career in Web development and digital marketing. I try to learn as much as I can from you tube or Google. I recently got membership from a well-known travel and tourism company who has allowed me to display their packages on my web site and endorse them. But Iam having big time trouble to design and develop. I need your help if you can help me to construct or develop any mechanism so that it simplifies the challenge of updating every time. I saw most of your videos and you are “MD” in true sense. That is why I addressed you as a Ray of hope

    Secondly I’ve designed and published a web page with Google AdSense the site is definitely a sub domain to wix so I guess that is why it shows me the status reviewing for past so many days but surprisingly it shows the ad on the said web page. Please explain
    You can also contact me and I will be obliged to speak to you
    My contact no is +918976343687, Or mail me on
    Sachin Sawant.

  • I want this web design build because I am an upcoming fitness entrepreneur and need a website built to start up my business. I watch all your videos and I have tried to build a website in the past  but still haven't got round finishing it yet as I am a student and also not the most technical on computers. This website would really help me take my business to the next level and I am going  to purchase your course so that I can learn how to build websites on my own and for other people which could be another business venture I can indulge in. I'm grateful I came across your channel a year and half ago! No matter who wins, I hope that person makes good use of this opportunity!Thank you,Sam

  • hello can you make a video showing how to do a per launch sign up page. so when you put you site public they everyone that signed up gets an email

  • tech4real says:

    I'm starting a business for games so people can play

  • I have a you tube channel and for that I want to make a website but it is too difficult for me. Therefore I would be grateful to you if give me that website…

  • tech4real says:

    hey how did you get a add on your video

  • keldr777 says:

    I would appreciate a free web design because I need a site customized to the needs of my business.  I own and operate a custom album design business where I design photo albums, board books and scrapbooks for my clients.  I am currently running my business through and would love to sell solely through my own website instead of a third party site.

  • Sup CMD. This is not a post for the giveaway. I just wanted to let you know that your Wix videos are the best I've found on Youtube. I feel like I have a fairly solid knowledge base of Wix thanks to all your awesome content. But even still, I'm going to sign up for your course because I know I'll learn more and I just want to give something back for all the time you put in and the value you've created. Thanks again. T. Brown

  • I need to help people achieve goals!

  • hi, just wanna build a music website to download all new albums and singles for free & other stuff !!
    thanks 𝓒𝓸𝓶𝓹𝓾𝓽𝓮𝓻 𝓜𝓓 𝓸𝓯 𝓖𝓲𝓵𝓫𝓮𝓻𝓽

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